Young (Simon)

Young (Simon): Donatus, bishop of Fiesole 829-76, and the cult of St. Brigit in Italy.
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Donatus Scottus, author of the Vita metrica Sanctae Brigidae (without edition or translation).
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ad §47.
Young (Simon): On the Irish peregrini in Italy.
In Peritia 16 (2002), pp. 250–255.
Critique on two early works on the history of Irish pilgrims in Italy: M. Stokes, Six months in the Apennines (London, 1892) and A. M. Tommasini, Irish saints in Italy (London, 1937), observing that the study of the relationships between pilgrim routes to Rome and the cult of Irish saints in Italy remains a desideratum.
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ad Epistola ad milites Corotici, §14.
Young (Simon): Et iterum post: Dislocation in St Patrick’s Confessio?
In SC 2 (2003), pp. 69–75.
Studies the ordering of sections §§20-23 (as ed. by Ludwig Bieler 1952), arguing that §21 was dislocated in the early transmission of the text and that the original sequence §§20-22-21-23 should be restored.
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ad Confessio §1.