Ní Dhubhnaigh (Clodagh)

Downey (Clodagh): Intertextuality in Echtra mac nEchdach Mugmedóin.
In Cín chille cúile [Ó Riain essays] (2004), pp. 77–104.
Examines the relationship between this and three other comparable texts: Fled Bricrenn, Betha Findchú Brí Gobann and Baile in scáil.
Downey (Clodagh): Medieval literature about Conall Corc.
In JCHAS 110 (2005), pp. 21–32.
Discusses the following narratives: ‘Conall Corc and the Corco Luigde’, Longes Chonaill Chuirc, Senchas fagbála Caisil, Geineamuin Chuirc meic Luigdech, ‘Conall Corc and the kingdom of Cashel’.
Downey (Clodagh): Trí croind Éirenn oiregdha: a medieval poem on three famous trees of Ireland.
In Éigse 36 (2008), pp. 1–34.
29 qq., ascribed to Cúán (ua Lóthcháin?), semi-diplomatic text from RIA D ii 1 (Book of Uí Maine); with English translation and notes.
Downey (Clodagh): Purple reign: the naming of Conall Corc.
Downey (Clodagh): The life and work of Cúán ua Lothcháin.
In RíM 19 (2008), pp. 55–78.
Downey (Clodagh): Women, the world and three wise men: power and authority in tales relating to Niall Noígiallach and Lugaid Mac Con.
In Essays on the early Irish king tales (2008), pp. 127–147.
Downey (Clodagh): Dindṡenchas and the tech midchúarta.
In Ériu 60 (2010), pp. 1–35.
Examines descriptions of the banqueting hall at Tara in medieval Irish sources (particularly the Suidigud Tige Midchúarta poem, prose and seating plan) with a view to discovering how their authors understood its form and function, and argues that the association of the linear monument now known as Tech Midchúarta and the banqueting hall was a later development.
Downey (Clodagh): Cúán ua Lothcháin and the transmission of the Dindṡenchas.
Downey (Clodagh): Oilill Molt mar rí i litríocht na meánaoiseanna.
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Downey (Clodagh): Literature and learning in early medieval Meath.
In Meath history and society (2015), pp. 101–130.
Discusses various ecclesiastical centres associated with Latin and vernacular learning: Trim, Ardbraccan, Slane, Trevet, Dulane.
Downey (Clodagh): Murchadh Ó Cuindlis and Aided Muirchertaig Meic Erca.
In Sacred histories [Fs. Herbert] (2015), pp. 125–138.
Downey (Clodagh): Who was Ailill Moṡaulum?
In Celtica 29 (2017), pp. 38–54.
Suggests the possibility of a Ciarraige origin for Moṡaulum, Ailill (Áulomm)'s alias in Scéla Moṡauluim.