Hofman (Rijcklof Henri Frans)

Hofman (Rijcklof): Nieuw bewijsmateriaal voor de bekendheid van Vergilius in het vroeg-middeleeuwse Ierland.
In Monniken, ridders en zeevaarders (1988), pp. 17–37.
[(In Dutch:) New evidence for the knowledge of Virgil in early medieval Ireland.]

Comments on 16 glosses on Virgil (some in Irish) found in the St. Gall Priscian.
Hofman (Rijcklof): Some facts concerning the knowledge of Vergil in early medieval Ireland.
In ÉtC 25 (1988), pp. 189–212.
Studies the Latin and Old Irish glosses on the Virgilian quotations in the St. Gall Priscian, and argues in favour of a direct knowledge of Virgil in early Ireland.
Hofman (Rijcklof): Moines irlandais et métrique latine.
In ÉtC 27 (1990), pp. 235–266.
Studies the metrical glosses in MS St. Gall 904 and aims at identifying the Latin metrical treatises known in medieval Ireland.
Hofman (Rijcklof): The Priscian text used in three ninth-century Irish Donatus commentaries.
In Diversions of Galway (1992), pp. 7–15.
Compared to the St. Gall Priscian.
Hofman (Rijcklof): The linguistic preoccupations of the glossators of the St. Gall Priscian.
In History of linguistic thought in the early middle ages (1993), pp. 111–126.
Republ. in Historiographia Linguistica 20/1 (1993), pp. 111–126.
Hofman (Rijcklof): The gender of Latin dies (day).
Hofman (Rijcklof): Isidore in the St. Gall glosses.
In Bildung und Literatur (1996), pp. 173–186.
Hofman (R. H. F.) (ed.), Jongeling (K.) (ed.), Smelik (B.) (ed.): Kelten van Spanje tot Ierland / uitgegeven door R. H. F. Hofman, B. Smelik, K. Jongeling.
Utrecht: De Keltische Draak, 1996. 117 pp.
Papers arising from a cycle of conferences held in Amsterdam, 23 April-12 June 1993.

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Hofman (Rijcklof): The Sankt Gall Priscian commentary. Part 1.
STK, 1. Münster: Nodus, 1996. 330+416 pp. (Studien und Texte zur Keltologie, 1).
Vol. 1: Introduction; Books 1-5.
Vol. 2: Translation and commentary; Indices.

An edition of the Latin and Old Irish glosses on books 1-5 of Priscian’s Institutiones grammaticae in Codex Sangallensis 904.

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Hofman (Rijcklof): Een Oudiers compositum.
In Arthur, Brigit, Conn, Deirdre [Fs. Strien-Gerritsen] (2003), pp. 103–110.
[(In Dutch:) An Old Irish compound.]

Argues OIr. úatúasailcthech is a calque on Lat. absolutus.
Hofman (Rijcklof), Smelik (Bernadette): An unnoticed copy of the Auraicept na n-éces in MS TCD H 2. 17.
Cram (David) (ed.), Hamans (Camiel) (ed.), Hofman (Rijcklof) (ed.), Smelik (Bernadette) (ed.): A companion in linguistics: a festschrift for Anders Ahlqvist on the occasion of his sixtieth birthday / edited by Bernadette Smelik, Rijcklof Hofman, Camiel Hamans, David Cram.
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pp. 18-25: A bibliography of the publications of A.A.

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Ahlqvist (Anders) (hon.)
Hofman (Rijcklof): Latin grammars and the structure of the vernacular Old Irish Auraicept na n-éces.
In Spoken and written language (2013), pp. 185–198.