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It ucht a Ísa inmain

Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): Some early devotional verse in Irish.
In Ériu 19, 1962, pp. 1–24.
6 poems from MS Brussels 20978–9; Engl. transls., notes (incl. linguistic dating considerations).
1. A Coimde na n-uile; 2. Dera damh, a Coimde, / do dicur mo cionadh; 3. An aeine i tamait aniú; 4. Rob toisecha ar mbás; 5. It ucht, a Isa inmain; 6. A Muire, mo bennacht ort.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): Three Irish poems.
In Studies 53, 1964, pp. 159–63.
Early devotional poems from MS Brussels 207978–9: (1) A Choimde na n-uile, (2) It ucht, a Ísa inmain, (3) Rop taísecha ar mbás. Text normalized (cf. Ériu 19, 1962), Engl. transl.
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