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Aithbe damsa [al. dam cen] bés mora

Greene (David) & O’Connor (Frank) (eds. & trs.): Aithbe dam cen bés mora.
In 5542 [Golden treasury], (9. The nun of Beare), pp. 48–55.
32 qq.; cf. G. Murphy’s ed., 1952/53 {7198}.
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Carney (James) (ed. & tr.): Aithbe dam cen bés moro.
In 5550 [Med.Ir. lyrics], (15. Ebbing), pp. 28–41
om. qq. 27 and 35 (as of EILyr., pp. 74ff).
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Murphy (Gerard) (ed.): Aithbe damsa bés mora.
In 5520 [EILyr.], (34. The lament of the Old Woman of Beare), pp. 74–83.
Revised version of the editor’s normalized text in PRIA 55 C, 1952/53 {7198}.
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Murphy (Gerard) (ed.): The lament of the Old Woman of Beare.
In PRIA 55 C, 1952/53, (no. 4), pp. 83–109, [iii]-[iv] [corrigenda].
Ca. 800. First line: Aithbe dam-sa bés mora.
Diplom. texts of MSS T.C.D. H 3 18 and N.L. G 7; an emended version based on 5 MSS; Engl. transl. and notes. Seven (out of 35) quatrains suspected to be interpolations. [cf. {7199}, {7201}]
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Martin (B. K.): The lament of the old woman of Beare: a critical evaluation.
In MAe 38, 1969, pp. 245–61.
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Carney (James): The so-called ‘Lament of Créidhe’.
In Éigse 13, 1969/70, pp. 227–42.
ad It é saigte gona súain; incl. discussion of Scéla Cano, and of the Lament of the old woman of Beare.
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