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A Chrínóc cubaid do cheól

Carney (James) (ed. & tr.): A Chrínóc, cubaid do cheól. By Máel Ísu Ó Brolchán.
In 5550 [Med. Ir. lyrics], (29. To an old psalm-book), pp. 74–9.
cf. Éigse 4.280.
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Greene (David) & O’Connor (Frank) (eds. & trs.): A Chrínóc, cubaid do cheól. ? By Máel Ísu Úa Brolchán.
In 5542 [Golden treasury], (42. Mael Ísu finds his psalter again), pp. 167–70.
cf. Best1 130, Best2 1348.
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Carney (James): A Chrínóc, cubaid do cheól.
In Éigse 4, 1943/44 (1945), (pt. 4), pp. 280–3.
A metaphorical interpretation.
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Ó Broin (Tomás): The genesis of ‘An Chrīnōc’.
In Éigse 9, 1958/61, pp. 1–3.
Modelled on Horace, epilogue to Epistles, book 1.
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