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Pedersen (Holger): Old Irish ainder ‘a young woman’.
In JCS 1, 1950, (no .l, 1949), pp. 4–6.
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Pokorny (J.): Old Celtic *anderos, *anderā.
In JCS 1, 1950, pp. 131–3. (Some Celtic etymologies, no. 4)
Substratum word in Ins.C. (e.g. Ir. ainder ‘young woman’) and Basque. [cf. {2170}]
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Bouda (Charles): Une étymologie à oublier.
In Eusko-Jakintza 4, 1950, p. 316.
On Pokorny’s etymology of Basque andere and its Celtic cognates (e.g. Ir. ainder), in JCS 1, 1950. {2169}
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