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Mac Giolla Coinnigh, Brian al. Conny, Bernhard

Ó Súilleabháin (Pádraig) (ed.): Rialachas San Froinsias.
B.Á.C.: I.Á.B., 1953. xxx + 134 pp. pls. (= SGBM, iml. 2)
Three 17th c. Franciscan documents: (1) Riaghuil Threas Uird S. Froinsias, transl. of a Latin Franc. rule (approved 1289), by Brian Mac Giolla Coinnigh (Bernhard Conny), v. Best1 247; from the 1641 Louvain ed.; with facing Latin text. (2) Riaghuil agus tiomna S. Froinsias, transl. of (a) a Latin Franc. rule (appr. 1223), (b) the Testamentum S. Francisci; from MS R.I.A. 23 I 9, with facing Latin texts. (3) Suim riaghlachas Phroinsiais, an Irish summary of Christian doctrine and Franc. rule, from an early 17th c. pamphlet (pr. prob. in Louvain), copy in Marsh’s Library Z 3.5.3. Linguistic analysis (incl. some dialectal features), notes, vocabulary.
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