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agus, ocus (cf. is)

Binchy (D. A.): I.E. *qe in Irish.
In Celtica 5, 1960, pp. 77–94.
The copulative conjunctions -ch, sceo, os, ocus; the use of nochis, sechis in the law-tracts.
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O’Rahilly (Cecile): Notes on conjunctions.
In Celtica 9, 1971, pp. 113–34.
cenco ‘although . . . not’, as go ‘whereby’, ar ‘for since’, mar ‘as’, agus, go.
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de Bhaldraithe (Tomás): Varia.
In Éigse 6, 1948/52, (pt. 2, 1950), pp. 165–8.
5 notes on the Irish of Cois Fhairrge: (1) Ainm (forainm) i n-áit forá ainm-bhriathartha nó fochlásal ainmneach; (2) Is agus ; (3) Agusis le cois.
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