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Triallom timcheall na Fódla

Connellan (M.): Cineál Fheichín its identity, location, and extent.
In IBL 29, 1943/45, (no. 4, 1945), pp. 86–7.
as in Seán Ó Dubhagáin’s Triallom timcheall na Fódla.
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Carney (James) (ed.): Triallom timcheall na Fódla. By Seaán Mór Ó Dubhagáin.
In 5487 [Top. poems], pp. 1–34.
Based on MS R.I.A. C ii 1. App. A: prose version, from MS R.I.A. 23 N 28; B: prose version, by Giolla Pádraig Ua Luinín; based on MS R.I.A. C vi 1.
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