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Ticfa Tálcenn

Travis (James): A druidic prophecy, the first Irish satire, and a poem to raise blisters.
In PMLA 57, 1942, pp. 909–15.
Style and prosody of (1) Ticfa tal-cend, (2) Cen cholt for crib cernini, (3) Maile baire gaire Caieur, (4) Niconruba arduene.
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Carney (James) (ed. & tr.): Ticfa Tálcenn.
In 5550 [Med. Ir. lyrics], (1. Adze-head), pp. 2–3 [cf. xiv-xv].
Prob. 6th c. Reconstr. from the text in Vita tripartita and the Latin transl. by Muirchú moccu Machthéni.
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