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Maith do chodhnach a Chill Eala

[Walsh (Paul)] (ed.): Four poems by Cornán Ó Cuirnín, al. An t-Athair Pádraic Ua Corrnín.
Contributed by Colm Ó Lochlainn from the papers of the late Father P.W.
In Éigse 4, 1943/44 (1945), (pt. 3, 1944), pp. 197–205.
From MS R.I.A. E ii 1 (autograph exc. no. 1). First lines: (1) Togha teghlaigh tar gach tír (1734); (2) Tréig do mheirtne a Bhaile an Dúin; (3) Maith do chodhnach a Chill Eala (addressed to Tadhg Ó Ruairc appointed bishop of Killala in 1707); (4) Síol Muiredaigh mór a rath (1725).
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Mhág Craith (Cuthbert) (ed.): Maith do chodhnach, a Chill Eala. By An tAthair Pádraig Ó Cornín.
In 5551 [Dán Br.M.], (45. Tadhg Ó Ruairc, O.F.M., easbog), pp. 233–5.
1707; based on MS R.I.A. E ii 1 (69).
P.Ó C. differentiated from Cornán Ó C. (poss. his father), fl. 1672–1726, and Cornán Óg Ó C. (poss. his brother).
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