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Is úar geimred at-racht gáeth

Murphy (Gerard) (ed.): Is úar geimred; at-racht gáeth.
In 5520 [EILyr.], (51. Description of winter and memory of the past), pp. 154–5.
Ca. 1175. From Acallam na senórach. From MSS BLism, Franc. A 4, Rawl. B 487 and Laud 610.
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Greene (David) & O’Connor (Frank) (eds. & trs.): Is fúar geimhreadh, at-racht gaoth.
In 5542 [Golden treasury], (49. A winter night), pp. 189–90.
cf. Acall., p. 100; in E.Mod.Ir. spelling.
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