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Is mochen a noeb-chlerig

Robinson (F. N.) (ed.): The Irish marginalia in the ‘Drummond missal’.
In Mediaeval studies in honor of J. D. M. Ford. Ed. by U. T. Holmes Jr. & A. J. Denomy. Cambridge (Mass.): Harvard U.P., 1948. pp. 193–208. pls. (MS pp.)
Early Irish verse from MS 627, Pierpont Morgan Library. With Engl. transl. and notes.
First lines: (1) Salc[h]aid aenchaep anart lín; (2) Timcheallmait relic meic Dé; (3) Ni ro aisce aisc it bíu; (4) [dialogue between Coemgen and Ciaran] Is mochen, a noeb-chlerig.
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