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Is aicher in gaeth in-nocht

Greene (David) & O’Connor (Frank) (eds. & trs.): Men and women — 1.
In 5542 [Golden treasury], (no. 26), pp. 111–4.
1. (A flatulent woman) A-tá ben as-tír [cf. RC 20.158 §7];
2. (Etan) Ní fetar [cf. MV i §52];
3. (The goldsmith’s wife) Ingen gobann [cf. MV ii §120];
4. (A kiss) Cride é [cf. MV iii §177];
5. (Love in exile) Céin-mair ’na luing indfhota [cf. Bruchst. §162];
6. (Grania) Fil duine [cf. LU 514–7; from a lost 9th or 10th c. version of the story of Díarmait and Grania];
7. (If I were the girl) Díambad mese in banmaccán [cf. Auraic. 533–6];
8. (The pilgrim to Rome) Techt do Róim [cf. Thes. ii 296];
9. (Viking times) Is aicher in gaeth in-nocht [cf. Thes. ii 290];
10. (The bell) Clocán binn [cf. MV i §40];
11. (Hospitality) A Rí rinn [?].
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