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Ca[í]ni amra laisin mBran

Murphy (Gerard) (ed.): Ca[í]ni amra laisin mBran.
In 5520 [EILyr.], (39. Manannán, god of the sea, describes his kingdom to Bran and predicts the birth of Mongán), pp. 92–101.
8th c. Imr. Brain, §§33–60. From MS R.I.A. 23 N 10.
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Hull (Vernam): A passage in Imram Brain.
In ZCP 28, 1960/61, pp. 256–7.
ad Imr.Brain §50 (cf. EILyr. p. 96).
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Hull (Vernam): Early Irish geldod.
In ZCP 29, 1962/64, (H. 1/2, 1962), pp. 177–8. (Miscellanea Celtica, no. 5)
From gel + doth, ‘fair procreation’, in Ca[í]ni amra laisin mBran, of Imram Brain (v. EILyr., p. 95, q. 5).
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Greene (David) & O’Connor (Frank) (eds. & trs.): Caíne amrae lassin mBran.
In 5542 [Golden treasury], (8. The two worlds), pp. 44–7.
From the Voyage of Bran; cf. Best2 1253.
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