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Audite omnes amantes Deum sancta mereta

Mulcahy (Dean C.) (ed.): The Hymn of St. Secundinus in praise of St. Patrick.
In IER 65, 1945, pp. 145–9.
Audite omnes amantes, with Engl. transl.
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Bieler (Ludwig) (ed.): The Hymn of St. Secundinus.
In PRIA 55 C, 1952/53, (no. 6), pp. 117–27, [iv] (corr.).
Audite omnes amantes Deum sancta mereta; variorum ed., with commentary.
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Bieler (Ludwig) (tr.): The works of St. Patrick. St. Secundinus, Hymn on St. Patrick.
Westminster (Md.): Newman Press; London: Longmans, Green & Co., 1953. v + 121 pp. (= Ancient Christian writers, no. 17)
App.: The Lorica. — With introds., notes & index.
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