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A 2.3.01, General: Modern History of Irish Studies: Learned Institutions: Royal Irish Academy

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Bonfield (C.) & Farrington (A.): The library of the Royal Irish Academy.
In An Leabhartlann 8, (no. 1, 1941), pp. 10–6.
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Best (R. I.): On recent Irish studies in the [Royal Irish] Academy.
In PRIA 51 C, 1945/48, (no. 2, 1946), pp. 15–34.
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O’Conor (Charles): Origins of the Royal Irish Academy.
In Studies 38, 1949, pp. 326–37.
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Bonfield (C.) & Farrington (A.): The Royal Irish Academy and its library. A brief description.
Dublin: [pr. at] D.U.P., 1964. 16 pp. illus.
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