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A 2.3, General: Modern History of Irish Studies: Learned Institutions

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T[evenar (G. von)]: Zur Gründung der ‘Deutschen Gesellschaft für keltische Studien’.
In ZCP 22, 1942, pp. 440–1.
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Ó Duilearga (Séamus): Volkskundliche Arbeit in Irland von 1850 bis zur Gegenwart mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der ‘Irischen Volkskunde-Kommission’.
In ZCP 23, 1943, (H. 1/2 1942), pp. 1–38.
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Mooney (Canice): The Franciscan library, Merchants’ Quay, Dublin.
In An Leabharlann 8, (no. 2, 1942), pp. 29–37.
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Shaw (Francis): The Irish Folklore Commission.
In Studies 33, 1944, pp. 30–6.
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Ó Floinn (Donnchadh): Magh Nuadhat agus an athbheochaint.
In IER 66, 1945, pp. 201–7.
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Robinson (Fred N.): Celtic books at Harvard: the history of a departmental collection.
In Harvard Library bulletin 1, (no. 1, 1947), pp. 52–65.
Republ. as Celtic books at Harvard.
In An Leabharlann 14, 1956, pp. 21–32.
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National Library of Ireland: List of manuscripts relating to Ireland copied on microfilm and ‘photostat’.
In RCTNL 1950/51 (1952), pp. 10–124.
Preface by R. J. HAYES
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National Library of Ireland: List no. 2 of manuscripts relating to Ireland copied on microfilm.
In RCTNL 1951/52 (1952), pp. 10–103.
Preface by R. J. HAYES
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Arthurs (J. B.): The Ulster Place-name Society.
In UJA 16, 1953 (1954), pp. 104–6.
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Hogan (James): The Irish Manuscripts Commission. Work in progress.
Cork: U.P., 1954. 42 pp. (= Irish historical series, no. 1)
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Ó F[iaich] (T.) (comp.): MS. material for diocesan and parochial history. Report on collections of sources.
In SAM 1, no. 1, 1954, pp. 202–5; no. 2, 1955, pp. 223–6; 2, (no. 1, 1956), pp. 227–8.
1. The library of the Representative Church Body, Dublin;
2. The collection of the Irish Folklore Commission;
3. The National Library of Ireland, Dublin.
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Mooney (Canice): Franciscan Library, Killiney. A short guide for the student of Irish church history.
In ArH 18, 1955, pp. 150–6.
Also separ. publ. as
Short guide to the material of interest for the student of Irish church history in the Franciscan Library, Killiney, Co. Dublin.
Killiney: Four Masters Press, 1954. 12 pp.
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O’Neill (Thomas P.) & Clarke (Desmond J.): Libraries in Ireland.
In An Leabharlann 13, 1955, pp. 67–80.
Also publ. as Libraries in Ireland: an historical outline.
In Library Association record 58, 1956, pp. 47–57.
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Arthurs (John B.): The Ulster Place-name Society.
In Onoma 6, 1955/56, pp. 80–2.
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Mac Airt (Seán): An Cumann Gaelach, 1906–1956.
In 440 [Fearsaid], pp. 8–19. portrs.
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Sanderson (Stewart F.): The work of the School of Scottish Studies.
In ScSt 1, 1957, pp. 3–13.
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Mac Giolla Phádraig (Brian): Coláiste na Tríonóide (1592–1922) agus Coláistí na Banríona (1845–1908).
In Feasta 10, uimh. 11, Feabhra 1958, pp. 11–12. (= Saothrú na Gaeilge sna hiolscoileanna, 1)
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Ó hUaithne (Dáithí): Coláiste na Tríonóide ó 1922 i leith.
In Feasta 10, uimh. 12, Márta 1958, pp. 9–10. (= Saothrú na Gaeilge sna hiolscoileanna, 2)
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Bevan (Aodh): Iolscoil na Banríona.
In Feasta 11, uimh. 1, Aibreán 1958, pp. 9–10. (= Saothrú na Gaeilge sna hiolscoileanna, 3)
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Teidhirs (Pádraig): Coláiste na hIolscoile, Corcaigh, ó 1922 i leith.
In Feasta 11, uimh. 3, Meitheamh 1958, pp. 8–10 (= Saothrú na Gaeilge sna hiolscoileanna, 4)
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Ó Fiaich (Tomás): Coláiste Phádraig, Mánuat.
In Feasta 11, uimh. 6, Meán Fómhair 1958, pp. 8–10, 15–8. (= Saothrú na Gaeilge sna hiolscoileanna, 5)
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Ó Buachalla (Breandán): An léann Ceilteach i nOllscoil na Bainríona.
In U.C.C. record 34, 1959, pp. 59–64.
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Ó Fiaich (Tomás): Irisí don stair áitiúil.
In IMN 1959, pp. 25–34.
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Raferty (Joseph): A brief guide to the collection of Irish antiquities.
Dublin: (for the National Museum of Ireland) Stationery Office, 1960. 96 pp. illus.
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Nicolaisen (W. F. H.): Council for Name Studies: — Great Britain and Ireland.
In ScSt 6, 1962, pp. 93–4
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National Library of Scotland: Celtica.
Edinburgh: N.L.S., 1967. vi + 56 pp. (= Catalogues of exhibitions, no. 6)
Description of 246 printed books and MSS of Celtic interest. Preface by Kenneth Jackson.
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Ó Ceallaigh (Seán): Eoghan Ó Gramhnaigh, Beathaisnéis.
B.Á.C.: Oifig an tSoláthair, 1968. 129 pp. portrs.
Aguisíní [Apps.]: (1) Ollúnacht na Gaeilge i Má Nuad (1795–1891); (2) Seán Pléimeann (1814–95).
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Ó Dufaigh (Seosamh) (comp.): Irish local historical and archaeological journals.
In Éire-Ireland 5, 1970, uimh. 3, pp. 90–9.
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Barry (John): Guide to records of the Genealogical Office, Dublin, with a commentary on heraldry in Ireland and on the history of the Office.
In AnH 26, 1970, pp. 1–43.
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[The Franciscan House of Studies, Dún Mhuire]: Scríbhinní foireann taighde Dhún Mhuire, 1945–1970.
Cill Iníon Léinín: Dún Mhuire, 1971. 27 pp.
Publ. on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Dún Mhuire.
Bibliography of the writings on Irish language and history of 8 scholars at Dún Mhuire, Killiney (Co. Dublin). Abbr.: Dún Mhuire, 1945–70
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