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A 2.2, General: Modern History of Irish Studies: Special

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Foster (Idris L.): A survey of some works on the syntax of Irish and Welsh.
In TPS 1941 (1942), pp. 16–42.
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Ó Briain (Felim): The expansion of Irish christianity to 1200: (an historiographical survey.)
In IHS 3, 1942/43 (1943), pp. 241–66; 4, 1944/45 (1945), pp. 131–63.
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Ó Coindealbháin (Íde Ní Choindealbháin): Corcaighigh na haithbhreithe.
In JCHAS 48, 1943, pp. 58–60.
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Ó Briain (Felim): Irish hagiography: (historiography and method.)
In 431 [Measgra Uí Chléirigh], pp. 119–31.
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Bieler (Ludwig): Recent research on Irish hagiography.
In Studies 35, 1946, pp. 230–8, 536–44.
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Sceilg [pseud., Seán Ua Ceallaigh]: Spelling made easy. ‘Litriú na Gaeilge’ critically examined.
Dublin: D. Mac Giolla Phádraig. [foreword 1946]. 93 pp.
Incl. accounts of the history of Irish grammar and lexicography.
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Concannon (Helena): John O’Donovan and the Annals of the Four Masters.
In Studies 37, 1948, pp. 300–7.
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Ó Cuív (Brian): [Discussion de la Question B (‘Enquête linguistique’)].
In Actes du Sixième Congrès international des linguistes. Ed. par M. Lejeune. Paris: Klincksieck, 1949. p. 557.
The study of general linguistics and Irish dialects in Ireland.
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Macalister (R. A. S.): Inscribed and sculptured stones.
In A hundred years of Welsh archaeology. Centenary volume, 1846–1946. Ed. by V. E. Nash-Williams. Gloucester: Cambrian Archaeological Association, [1949]. pp. 123–8.
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Pop (Sever): La dialectologie. Aperçu historique et méthodes d’enquêtes linguistiques.
Louvain: chez l’auteur, [1950]. 2 voll. (lv + 1334 pp.) (= Université de Louvain: Recueil de travaux d’histoire et de philologie, 3e série, fascc. 38, 39).
pp. 925–55: Langues celtiques.
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Mooney (Canice): Devotional writings of the Irish Franciscans, 1224–1950.
Killiney: Four Masters’ Press, 1952. 69 pp.
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Heiermeier (A.): Zu den keltisch-germanischen Wortgleichungen. Gendanken zum Kelten-Germanen-Problem und zur Indoeuropäisierung Nordwesteuropas (1).
In RIL 85, 1952, pp. 313–40.
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Maniet (Albert) (comp.): Enregistrements et études dialectologiques en pays celtiques.
In Sever Pop: Instituts de phonétique et archives phonographique à Aarhus, [etc.]. Louvain, 1956 (= C.I.P.L.: Publications de la Commission d’Enquête Linguistique, 7) pp. 89–95.
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Shaw (Francis): The background to Grammatica Celtica.
In Celtica 3, 1956, pp. 1–16.
J. K. Zeuss.
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O’Neill (Thomas P.): Sources of Irish local history. — 1st series.
Dublin: Library Association of Ireland, 1958. 38 pp.
8 chaps., first publ. serially in An Leabharlann 13–15, 1955–57.
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Sommerfelt (Alf): The study of Celtic phonetics and phonemics.
In Phonetica 3, 1959, pp. 51–63.
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Maniet (A.): Linguistique italique et linguistique celtique.
In Orbis 10, 1961, pp. 439–46.
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Hennig (John): Studien zur Geschichte der deutschsprachigen Irlandkunde bis zum Ende des achtzehnten Jahrhunderts.
In DVjS 35, 1961, pp. 617–29.
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Bieler (Ludwig): Patriciology. Reflections on the present state of Patrician studies.
In SAM [spec. issue] ‘The Patrician year, 1961–62’, pp. 9–36.
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de hÓir (Éamonn): Seán Ó Donnabháin agus Eoghan Ó Comhraí.
B.Á.C.: Clóchomhar, 1962. vii + 124 pp. portrs. (= Leabhair thaighde, iml. 8)
John O’DONOVAN and Eugene O’CURRY.
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Ó Mórdha (Séamus P.) (rev.): Rev. [in Irish] of Seán Ó DONNABHÁIN agus Eoghan Ó COMHRAÍ. {107}
In StH 3, 1963, pp. 236–7.
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Breatnach (R. B.) (rev.): Rev. of Seán Ó Donnabháin agus Eoghan Ó Comhraí. {107}
In Celtica 7, 1966, pp. 238–9.
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Tierney (Michael): Eugene O’Curry and the Irish tradition.
In Studies 51, 1962, pp. 449–62.
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Mould (Daphne D. C. Pochin): The Irish saints. Short biographies of the principal Irish saints from the time of St. Patrick to that of St. Laurence O’Toole.
Dublin: Clonmore & Reynolds; London: Burns & Oates, 1964. xii + 316 pp.
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de Bhaldraithe (Tomás): Report on dialect study in Ireland.
In 477 [1er CIDG], Vol. 4, pp. 90–5.
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Bromwich (Rachel): Matthew Arnold and Celtic literature. A retrospect, 1865–1965.
With a foreword by I. Ll. Foster. Oxford: Clarendon, 1965. 43 pp. (= O’Donnell lecture, Oxford, 1964)
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Bieler (Ludwig): Die lateinische Kultur Irlands im Mittelalter in der Forschung des zwanzigsten Jahrhunderts.
In Literaturberichte über Neuerscheinungen zur ausserdeutschen Geschichte. Hg. v. W. Kienast. München, 1965. (= Historische Zeitschrift, Sonderheft 2) pp. 260–76.
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Le Roux (Françoise): Keltische Religion und Religionswissenschaft.
In Kairos 7, 1965, pp. 267–80.
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Buchanan (Ronald H.): A decade of folklife study.
In UF 11, 1965, pp. 63–75.
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Ó Fiaich (Tomás): Irish peregrini on the Continent. Recent research in Germany.
In IER 103, 1965, pp. 233–40.
Paper read to the Conference of the I.C.H.C., 1963.
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Ó Néill (Séamus): The hidden Ulster. Gaelic pioneers of the North.
In Studies 55, 1966, pp. 60–6.
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Otway-Ruthven (J.): Medieval Ireland (1169–1485).
In IHS 15, 1966/67 (1967), pp. 359–65. (sub Thirty years’ work in Irish history, 1)
Republ. in {131}.
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Byrne (Francis John): Seventh-century documents.
In IER 108, 1967, pp. 164–82.
Critical survey of Irish and Latin, datable and contemporary, texts. Paper read at the I.C.H.C.’s Easter Conference on Irish Church history, 1964.
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Barry (John G.): The study of family history in Ireland.
[Dublin]: N.U.I., [n.d.]. 36 pp. (= O’Donnell lecture, U.C.C., 1967)
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McIntosh (Angus) & Samuels (M. L.): Prolegomena to a study of mediaeval Anglo-Irish.
In MAe 37, 1968, pp. 1–11.
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Byrne (Francis John): Ireland before the Norman invasion.
In IHS 16, 1968/69, (1969), pp. 1–14. (sub Thirty years’ work in Irish history, 2)
Republ. in {131}.
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Keanay (Marian) (comp.): Westmeath authors. A bibliographical and biographical study.
Mullingar: Longford-Westmeath Joint Library Committee, 1969. xv + 239 pp.
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Oftedal (Magne): The Scottish Gaelic dialect survey.
In Lochlann 4, 1969, pp. 285–7.
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Durrell (Martin): Keltische Sprachatlanten.
In ZDL, Beiheft 8, 1969, pp. 117–39. 2 charts
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Corkery (John): Ecclesiastical learning.
Dublin: Gill & Macmillan, 1970. 33 pp. (= A history of Irish catholicism, vol. 5, no. 9)
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Grannell (Fergal): Early Irish ecclesiastical studies.
In Irish Anglicanism 1869–1969. Essays on the role of Anglicanism in Irish life . . . Ed. by M. Hurley. Dublin: Allen Figgis, 1970. pp. 39–50.
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Ó Riain (Pádraig): An ‘Grammatica Celtica’, a cúlra agus a húdar.
In CapA 1970, pp. 200–5.
J. K. Zeuss.
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Thomson (R. L.): The study of Manx Gaelic.
In PBA 55, 1969 [1971], pp. 177–210. (= Rhŷs lecture, 1969) Sep. issued London: O.U.P., [n.d.]. [same pagin.]
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Irish historiography, 1936–70.
Ed. by T. W. Moody. Dublin: I.C.H.S., 1971. viii + 155 pp.
First publ. in IHS, 1967–70, as a series ‘Thirty years’ work in Irish history’, revised; with an add. chap., ‘Thirty-five years of Irish historiography’, by T.W.M.
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