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A 2.1, General: Modern History of Irish Studies: General

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Draak (Maartje): Ierse letterkunde als toetsteen. Openbare les . . . aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam, 10 dec. 1946.
Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 1946. 16 pp.
The study of Irish literature and its significance to world literature; and some reflections on recent Celtic scholarship.
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Dillon (Myles): Future of Celtic studies.
In New alliance & Scots review (Edinburgh) 9, no. 1, April 1948, pp. 6, 15.
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Piatt (Donn S.): Dá dtugaimís treó úr don léann Cheilteach?
In An tUltach 25, uimh. 9, Meán Fómhair 1948, pp. 5–6.
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Pokorny (Julius): Recent developments in Celtic study.
In Welsh anvil 3, 1951, pp. 80–7.
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Pokorny (Julius): Keltologie. (With V. Pisani: Allgemeine und vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft, Indogermanistik)
Bern: A. Francke, 1953. (= Wissenschaftliche Forschungsberichte, Geistewissenschaftliche Reihe, Bd. 2) pp. 95–199.
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Jackson (Kenneth) (rev.): Rev. of Keltologie. {73}
In ZCP 24, 1954, pp. 320–2.
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Heiermeier (A.) (rev.): Rev. of Keltologie. {73}
In Bibliotheca Orientalis 12, 1955, pp. 157–60.
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Hamp (Eric P.) (rev.): Rev. of Keltologie. {73}
In Lg 33, 1957, pp. 435–7.
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Sommerfelt (Alf): L’enseignement du celtique en Scandinavie.
In ÉtC 6, 1953/54, pp. 214–5.
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Dillon (Myles): The Irish language.
In 494 [Early Ir. soc.], (no. 1), pp. 7–21.
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Blenner-Hassett (Roland): A brief history of Celtic studies in North America.
In PMLA 69, 1954, no. 4, pt. 2 [= Suppl.], 21 pp.
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Hamp (Eric P.): Recent Keltic linguistic publications.
In Kratylos 1, 1956, pp. 104–18.
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Sommerfelt (Alf): Recent trends in the study of Celtic languages.
In Trends in modern linguistics. Ed. by Ch. Mohrmann, F. Norman & A. Sommerfelt. Utrecht, Antwerp: Spectrum Publishers, 1963. pp. 109–18.
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The Board of Celtic Studies of the University of Wales: Celtic studies in Wales. A survey.
Prepared for . . . the 2nd I.C.C.S. . . .
Cardiff, 1963. Ed. by Elwyn Davies. With a preface by Henry LEWIS. Cardiff: U.W.P., 1963. xxiii + 182 pp. illus.
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Donahue (Charles): Medieval Celtic literature.
In The medieval literature of western Europe. A review of research, mainly 1930–1960. Ed. by J. H. Fisher. (for M.L.A.A.) New York University Press, University of London Press, 1966. (chap. 11), pp. 381–409.
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Dunn (Charles W.): The present state of Celtic studies in North America.
In StC 4, 1969, pp. 112–8.
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O[ftedal] (M.): Celtic studies in Germany.
In Lochlann 4, 1969, p. 290.
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Oftedal (Magne): Celtic studies in Scandinavia.
In Lochlann 4, pp. 290–2.
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Cleeve (Brian) (comp.): Dictionary of Irish writers. Vol. 3: Writers in the Irish language.
Cork: Mercier, 1971. 144 pp.
Writers and scholars of Irish and Latin of all periods; some anonymous works.
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