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Mühlhausen (L.) (comp.): Literaturverzeichnis zur Phonetik der keltischen Sprachen.
In Archiv für vergleichende Phonetik 6, 1942, pp. 130–4.
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Writings on Irish history, [1940/41– ].
In IHS 3– , 1942/43 (1943)- .
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Wing (Donald) (comp.): Short-title catalogue of books printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America, and of English books printed in other countries, 1641–1700.
N.Y.: Index Society, 1945–51. 3 voll.
[cf. {27}].
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Bieler (Ludwig) (comp.): Latin manuscripts. Facimiles, editions, studies, published in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, and the United States since July 1939.
In Scriptorium 1, 1946/47, pp. 181–9, 329–54.
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Ó Flaithbheartaigh (Proinnsias) (comp.): Clár na gcaiticiosmaí Gaedhilge sa Leabharlann.
In IMN 1947, pp. 37–40.
Printed and MS catechisms in St. Patrick’s College, Maynooth.
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Bieler (Ludwig) (comp.): Manuscript studies in Ireland, 1946–55.
In Scriptorium 3, 1949, pp. 325–7; 5, 1951, pp. 330–1; 7, 1953, pp. 323–5; 10, 1956, pp. 319–21.
Continued in Bulletin codicologique, in Scriptorium 13– , 1959– .
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Bulletin bibliographique de la Société Internationale Arthurienne /Bibliographical bulletin of the International Arthurian Society.
No. 1– , 1949– .
Vol. 19–, 1967– : titles reversed.
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Williams (Moelwyn I.) (comp.): Wales and the Celts. [Parts] 1–4 [all publ.].
In NLWJ 6, 1949/50, pp. 51–77, 273–94; 7, 1951/52, pp. 46–61, 354–75.
A bibliography from periodicals, May 1947– Dec. 1951 (for May 1947–Dec. 1950, from ‘non-Celtic’ periodicals only). Continued in Bibliotheca Celtica, 3rd series.
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National Library of Ireland: List of manuscripts relating to Ireland copied on microfilm and ‘photostat’.
In RCTNL 1950/51 (1952), pp. 10–124.
Preface by R. J. Hayes.
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National Library of Ireland: List no. 2 of manuscripts relating to Ireland copied on microfilm.
In RCTNL 1951/52 (1952), pp. 10–103.
Preface by R. J. Hayes.
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Bibliographia onomastica: Ireland (Eire).
In Onoma 3– , 1952– .
Vol. 3, 1952. By Liam Price.
Vol. 4– , 1953– . By L. P. & P. Ó Niatháin.
Vol. 8– , 1958/59 (1960/61)- . By P. Ó N.
From vol. 15, 1970, included under ‘D. Celtic’ as ‘3b. Irish’.
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Smith (Elsdon C.) (comp.): Personal names. A bibliography.
N.Y.: Public Library, 1952. 226 pp.
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McRoberts (David) (comp.): Catalogue of Scottish medieval liturgical books and fragments.
Glasgow: J. S. Burns, 1953. 28 pp.
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Woolley (John S.) (comp.): Bibliography for Scottish linguistic studies.
Edinburgh: (for University of Edinburgh: Linguistic Survey of Scotland) J. Thin, 1954. 37 pp.
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Alden (John) (comp.): Bibliographia Hibernica. Additions and corrections to Wing. {15}
Charlottesville: Bibliographical Society of the University of Virginia, 1955. 39 pp.
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Allison (A. F.) & Rogers (D. M.) (comps.): A catalogue of Catholic books in English printed abroad or secretly in England, 1558–1640.
Bognor Regis: Arundel, 1956. 2 voll. (xiii + 187 pp.) (= Biographical studies 3, nos. 3, 4)
Incl. books in Irish.
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Selmer (Carl): The vernacular translations of the Navigatio sancti Brendani: a bibliographical study.
In MSt 18, 1956, pp. 145–57.
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Irish Catholic Historical Committee: A handlist of Irish diocesan histories.
In PICHC 1957, pp. 31–7.
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Cahiers de civilisation médiévale, Xe-XIIe siècles.
Vol 1– , 1958– . Poitiers: Centre d’Études Supérieures de Civilisation Médiévale.
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McNally (Robert E.): The Bible in the early Middle Ages.
Westminister (Md.): Newman Press, 1959. v + 121 pp. (= Woodstock papers: occasional essays for theology, no. 4).
With a complete bibliogr. of The Bible commentaries of the early Middle Ages.
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O’Higgins (Paul) (comp.): A select bibliography of Irish legal history. Parts [1]-3.
In American journal of legal history 4, 1960, pp. 173–84; 8, 1964, pp. 261–3; 13, 1969, pp. 233–40.
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Andrews (J. H.): ‘Ireland in maps’: a bibliographical postscript.
In IGeo 4, 1959/63, (no. 4, 1962), pp. 234–43.
A review of Irish cartobibliographical literature dealing with the period before 1824.
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de Nais (Roisin) (comp.): A bibliography of Limerick history and antiquities.
Limerick: L. County Library, [1962]. 61 pp.
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Scottish Folklore Bibliography for [1961– ].
In ScSt 6– , 1962– .
Continued as
Scottish studies in [1963– ]. An annual bibliography.
In ScSt 8– , 1964– .
Comp. by Elizabeth Sinclair. For 1964– , by W. F. H. Nicolaisen. For 1969– , by Alan Bruford.
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Walsh (M. ON.) (comp.): Irish books printed abroad, 1475–1700. An interim check-list.
In The Irish book 2, (no. 1, 1962/63), pp. 1–36 [special issue].
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Gamber (Klaus) (comp.): Codices liturgici latini antiquiores.
Freiburg (Schweiz): Universitätsverlag, 1963. xvi + 334 pp. (= Spicilegii Friburgensis subsidia, vol. 1)
pp. 12–24: Libri liturgici celtici.
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Martin (F. X.) (comp.): Bibliography of Patrician literature.
In 7871 [Mac Neill: St. Patrick], pp. 221–4.
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Eager (Alan R.) (comp.): A guide to Irish bibliographical material, being a bibliography of Irish bibliographies and some sources of information.
London: Library Association, 1964. xiii + 392 pp.
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Millett (Benignus) (rev.): Rev. of A guide to Irish bibliographical material, being a bibliography of Irish bibliographies and some sources of information. {40}
In An Leabharlann 22, 1964, pp. 135–43.
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Adams (G. B). (comp.): A register of phonological research on Ulster dialects.
In 475 [Ulster dialects], pp. 193–201.
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Bieler (Ludwig): Patrician studies in the ‘Irish ecclesiastical record’.
In IER 102, 1964, pp. 359–66.
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Foilseacháin [1964– ].
In Dinnseanchas 1– , 1964/65– .
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Hayes (Richard J.) (ed.): Manuscript sources for the history of Irish civilisation.
Boston (Mass.): G. K. HALL, 1965. 11 voll.
Voll. 1–4: Persons; 5–6: Subjects; 7–9: Places [in Ireland]; 9–10: Dates [covered by item]; 11: Lists of manuscripts.
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Kavanagh (Mary) (comp.): A bibliography of the county Galway.
Galway: Galway County Libraries, 1965. 187 pp.
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Irish Publications [1964–67] received by the National Library of Ireland.
In An Leabharlann 23–26, 1965–68.
Continued, classified, as
Irish publications, 1968. In id. 27, 1969.
Continued as
[Towards national bibliography:) Irish books reviewed, [1969–70]. by Alf Mac Lochlainn.
In id. 28–29, 1970–71.
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Ó Súilleabháin (Pádraig): Leabhar urnaithe an ochtú haois déag.
In IER 103, 1965, pp. 299–302.
Prayer-books (mainly English) used in the 18th c.
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O’Higgins (Paul) (comp.): A bibliography of periodical literature relating to Irish law.
Belfast: N.I. Legal Quarterly Inc., 1966. xvi + 401 pp.
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Martin (F. X.) (comp.): The Thomas Davis lectures, 1953–67.
In IHS 15, 1966/67 (1967), pp. 276–302.
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Mac Lochlainn (Alf) (comp.): Broadside ballads in Irish.
In Éigse 12, 1967/68, pp. 115–22.
N.L.I. (as coll. by Thomas Davis), T.C.D. (coll. by John Davis White.).
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School of Librarianship, University College Dublin: Irish publishing record [1967– ].
Dublin: U.C.D., 1968– .
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Kenney (James F.): The sources for the early history of Ireland: ecclesiastical. An introduction and guide.
N.Y.: Octagon, 1966; Shannon: I.U.P., 1968. xviii + 815 pp. charts (fold.) (=Records of civilisation, Sources and studies, no. 11)
Repr. of 1929 ed.; corrs. & adds., and preface, by Ludwig Bieler.
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Hodges Figgis: Celtic studies.
Comp. by Pádraig Ó Táilliúir.
Dublin: H.F., 1968. 146 pp. (= Catalogue, 23)
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International medieval bibliography.
1967– (publ. 1968– ) Leeds, Mineapolis (Minnesota). 1970– : University of Leeds.
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Johnston (Edith M.) (comp.): Irish history. A select bibliography.
London: Historical Association, 1968. 76 pp.
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de Blaca (Seamas) (comp.): Aids in the study of Modern Irish. Materials available for self-instruction in Irish. An annotated list.
In An Féinisc 1, 1968/69, pp. 39–45.
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Rouse (Richard H.) (comp.): Serial bibliographies for medieval studies.
Berkeley, Los Angeles: U.Ca.P., 1969. xiii + 150 pp.
(= Publications of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 3)
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Howard-Hill (T. H.) (comp.): Bibliography of British literary bibliographies.
Oxford: Clarendon, 1969. xxv + 570 pp. (= Index to British literary bibliography, vol. 1)
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Council for British Archaelogy: Archaeological bibliography for Great Britain & Ireland, [1967– ].
London: C.B.A., 1969– .
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Aldus (Judith Butler) (comp.): Anglo-Irish dialects: a bibliography.
In Regional language studies 2, 1969, 17 pp.
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Mac White (Eóin) (comp.): A guide to Russian writing on Irish history, 1917–1963.
In Melbourne Slavonic studies 3, 1969, pp. 40–96.
Incl. some literary and linguistic writings.
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Price (Glanville) (comp.): The present position of minority languages in Western Europe. A selective bibliography.
Cardiff: U.W.P., 1969. 81 pp.
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Committee for the Study of Anglo-Irish Language and Literature, Royal Irish Academy: Irish and Anglo-Irish periodicals.
Dublin: R.I.A., 1970. 52 pp.
Comprehensive check-list, comp. by Eileen Smith.
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Ó Dufaigh (Seosamh) (comp.): Irish local historical and archaeological journals.
In Éire-Ireland 5, 1970, uimh. 3, pp. 90–9.
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Norse-Celtic bibliographical Survey.
In MSc 3– , 1970– .
First report. By Michael Chesnutt.
Second report, in vol. 4, 1971. By M.Ch. & Daviđ Erlingsson.
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Asplin (P. W. A.) (comp.): Medieval Ireland, c. 1170–1495. A bibliography of secondary works.
Dublin: R.I.A., 1971. xv + 139 pp. (= A new history of Ireland: ancillary publications, vol. 1).
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[The Franciscan House of Studies, Dún Mhuire]: Scríbhinní foireann taighde Dhún Mhuire, 1945–1970.
Cill Iníon Léinín: Dún Mhuire, 1971. 27 pp.
Publ. on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Dún Mhuire.
Bibliography of the writings on Irish language and history of 8 scholars at Dún Mhuire, Killiney (Co. Dublin). Abbr.: Dún Mhuire, 1945–70
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Dunn (John J.) (comp.): Macpherson’s Ossian and the Ossianic controversy: a supplementary bibliography.
In Bulletin of the New York Public Library 75, 1971, pp. 465–73.
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