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Dictionnaire d’histoire et de géographie ecclésiastiques.
Paris: Letouzey et Ané.
T. 1– , 1912– [t. 17– , 1971– ].
Contributions by F. Ó Briain, C. Mooney, F. Grannell.
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The Funk & Wagnalls Standard dictionary of folklore, mythology and legend.
Ed. by Maria Leach.
N.Y.: F. & W., 1949, 50. 2 voll.
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Enciclopedia Italiana scienze, lettere ed arti.
Roma, 1949–52.
‘Celti’ (‘Lingue’, ‘Letterature’ by Giacomo Devoto; ‘Religione’ by Raymond Lantier; ‘Diritti’ by Enrico Besta).
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De Katholieke encyclopaedie
Amsterdam, Antwerpen, 1949–55.
‘Kelten: Keltische mythologie, Keltische talen’, ‘Ierland, 3. Eirse taal, schrift en letterkunde’ (A. M. E. Draak).
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Cassell’s encyclopaedia of literature.
Ed. by S. H. Steinberg.
London: Cassell, 1953. 2 voll.
‘Irish literature’, etc. (Myles Dillon).
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Encyclopédie de la pléiade.
Histoire des littératures. T. 2. Littératures occidentales.
Paris, 1956.
pp. 325–36: ‘Littérature gaélique’ (Gerard Murphy).
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The encyclopedia Americana.
N.Y. [etc.], 1958 and 1963.
‘Celtic languages’, ‘Celtic literatures’, ‘Celtic peoples’ (Julius Pokorny), ‘Gaelic literature’ (Peter Kavanagh), ‘Patrick, Saint’ (James Carney), ‘Irish schools and schoolmen of the Middle Ages’ (Myles V. Ronan), etc.
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Chambers’s encyclopaedia.
Oxford [etc.], 1959 and 1967.
‘Celtic languages’, ‘Irish language’ (Myles Dillon), ‘Gaelic literature’ (Gerard Murphy), ‘Patrick, Saint’ (Ludwig Bieler), etc.
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Larousse encyclopedia of mythology.
Introd. by Robert Graves.
London: Batchworth, 1959. xii + 500 pp. illus.
pp. 234–50: ‘Celtic mythology’ (John X. W. P. Corcoran).
New ed. New Larousse encyclopedia of mythology. . . .
London: [etc.]: Hamlyn, 1968. xi + 500 pp.
pp. 222–44: -id.-
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Collier’s encyclopedia
N.Y., Toronto, 1960.
‘Celtic’, ‘Irish’ (M. Dillon), ‘Irish literature’ (George Brandon Saul).
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Encyclopedia of poetry and poetics.
Ed. by Alex Preminger.
Princeton (N.J.): P.U.P., 1965. xxiv + 906 pp.
‘Celtic prosody’ (Charles W. Dunn), ‘Irish poetry’ (Padraic Colum, George Brandon Saul), ‘Scottish Gaelic poetry’ (John MacInnes).
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Larousse world mythology.
Ed. by Pierre Grimal.
London: Hamlyn, 1965. 560 pp. illus.
pp. 334–56: ‘Celtic lands: myth in history’ (G. Roth & P.M. Duval).
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Kindlers literatur lexikon.
Zürich, 1965– .
Articles on works of medieval Irish literature, by Rolf Baumgarten.
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Brockhaus Enzyklopädie. — 17. Aufl.
Wiesbaden, 1966– .
‘Irische Sprache und Literatur’, ‘Keltische Kunst’, ‘Keltische Mythologie’, ‘Keltische Sprachen’, etc. (Rolf Baumgarten).
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New Catholic encyclopedia.
N.Y. [etc.], 1967.
‘Irish literature, 1. Gaelic’ (G. S. MacEoin), ‘Patrick, St.’ (L. Bieler), etc.
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Encyclopaedia of Ireland.
Principal editor: V. Meally.
Dublin: Allen Figgis, 1968. 463 pp. illus.
See espec. sections ‘Language’ (L. Bieler, T. de Bhaldraithe, etc.), ‘Literature in Irish’ (D. Greene), ‘Irish thought’ (B. T. Kennelly, etc.).
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Encyclopaedia universalis.
Paris, 1968.
‘Irlande, 2. Langue et littérature’ (D. Greene).
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Encyclopaedia Britannica.
Chicago [etc.], 1970
‘Celtic languages’, ‘Irish literature: 1. Gaelic literature’, ‘Druidism’ (D. Greene), ‘Patrick, Saint’ (D. A. Binchy), etc.
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The Penguin companion to literature [Vol. 1:] Britain and the Commonwealth.
Ed. by David Daiches.
London: Allen Lanes (Penguin Press), 1971. 576 pp.
Articles on writers in Irish, by Seán de Búrca.

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