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Ó Murthuile (S.) (ed.): Meascra mionntsleachta. A miscellany of short extracts from the Clongowes collection of Irish MSS.
In The Clongownian 1940, pp. 19–20; 1941, pp. 16–7; 1942, pp. 16–7.
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Curtin (Jeremiah) (comp.): Irish folk-tales.
Ed., with introd. & notes, by Séamus Ó Duilearga.
In Béaloideas 11, 1941; 12, 1942 (1943), Suppls. (xvi + 166 pp.).
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Chauviré (Roger) (tr.): Contes ossianiques.
Paris: P.U.F., 1949. 276 pp.
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Jackson (Kenneth Hurlstone) (tr.): A Celtic miscellany.
London: Routledge & K. Paul, 1951. 359 pp.
Revised edition
Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1971. 343 pp. (Penguin classics)
An anthology of Engl. trs. of traditional literature in Irish, Welsh, Scottish-Gaelic, Manx, Cornish, and Breton.
Sections: Hero-tale and adventure, Nature, Love, Epigram, ‘Celtic magic’,
Description, Humour and satire, Bardic poetry, Elegy, Religion.
With a pronoucing dictionary of proper names.
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B[reatnach] (R. B.) (rev.): Rev. of A Celtic miscellany. {4778}
In Éigse 6, 1948/52, (pt. 3, 1951), pp. 272–4.
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Dillon (Myles) (rev.): Rev. of A Celtic miscellany. {4778}
In The Bell 17, no. 5, Aug. 1951, p. 64.
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Greene (David) (rev.): Rev. of A Celtic miscellany. {4778}
In Celtica 2, 1954, (pt. 1, 1952), pp. 210–5, 363 [corr.].
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Pokorny (Julius): Antiguo irlandés. (Lecturas históricas, con paradigmas, notas y glosario completo.)
Traducido al español por A. Tovar y V. Bejarano.
Madrid: Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, 1952.
105 pp. (= Manual de lingüística indoeuropea, cuad. 8)
Corrigenda in ZCP 27, 1958/59, p. 322.
Transl. of J.P., A historical reader of Old Irish, 1923 [Best2 504–5].
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Greene (David H.) (comp.): An anthology of Irish literature.
N.Y.: The Modern Library, 1954. xxxvii + 602 pp.
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Colum (Padraic) (comp.): A treasury of Irish folklore. The stories, traditions, legends, humor, wisdom, ballads and songs of the Irish people.
N.Y.: Crown Publishers, 1954 (4th pr. 1962). xx + 620 pp.
2nd rev. ed. 1967 (repr. 1969). Preface by P.C.
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Ó Cadhlaigh (Cormac) (tr.): An Rúraíocht.
B.Á.C.: Oifig an tSoláthair, 1956. xiii + 510 pp.
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Ó Floinn (Tomás) & Mac Cana (Proinsias) (trs.): Scéalaíocht na ríthe.
[Illus. by] Micheál Mac Liammóir a mhaisigh.
B.Á.C.: Sáirséal & Dill, 1956. 220 pp. pls.
Mod.I. transls. of E.I. tales.
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McKay (John G.) (ed. & tr.): More west Highland tales. Vol. 2.
Editors Gaelic: Angus Matheson; Transl.: J. MacInnes; Folklore: H. J. Rose; Notes: K. Jackson.
Edinburgh, London: (for Scottish Anthropological and Folklore Society) Oliver & Boyd, 1960. xvi + 383 pp.
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O’Sullivan (Sean) (ed. & tr.): Folktales of Ireland.
Foreword by Richard M. Dorson.
London: Routledge & K. Paul, 1966 (repr. 1969). xliii + 321 pp.
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Kinsella (Thomas) (tr.): The Táin.
With brush drawings by Louis le Brocquy.
Dublin: Dolmen, 1969. vii + 295 pp. pls. (maps, MSS pp.) (= Dolmen editions, 9)
Republ. London: N.Y.: O.U.P., 1970. xxvii + 283 pp. maps.
Transls. of Do fallsigud Tána bó Cuailnge, Compert Conchoboir, Noínden Ulad, Longes mac nUislenn, Compert Con Culainn, Tochmarc Emire, Aided oenfir Aífe, De chophur in dá muccida, Táin bó Cuailnge (conflation of Táin and TBC2).
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Carney (James): The Ó Cianáin miscellany.
In Ériu 21, 1969, pp. 122–47. pls.
Parts of MSS N.L. G 2 + G 3 (otherwise by Ádhamh Ó Cianáin, †1373).
Incl. ed. of 4 prose texts and 3 poems from G 3, with Engl. transls.
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Mac Giolla Chomhail (Anraí) (ed.): Díolaim próis, A.D. 1450–1850.
B.Á.C.: F.N.T., 1971. ix + 177 pp.
Selections from forty of the major prose texts, 1450–1850, in modern spelling.

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