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Measgra i gcuimhne Mhichíl Uí Chléirigh .i. Miscellany of historical and linguistic studies in honour of Brother Michael Ó Cléirigh, O.F.M., chief of the Four Masters, 1643–1943.
Ed., and preface, by Sylvester O’Brien.
Dublin: Assisi, 1944, xviii + 243 pp. illus., portr.
Abbr.: Measgra Uí Chléirigh
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[Walsh (Paul)]: Irish men of learning. Studies by Father P.W.
Ed. by Colm O Lochlainn.
Dublin: Three Candles, 1947. 311 pp. geneal.tabs.
Republ. of 19 papers and review articles, revised by the author or/and the editor; also 3 unpubl. papers and 3 tributes to the author; indexes. Abbr.: Men of learn.
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M[urphy] (G.) (rev.): Rev. of Irish men of learning. {432}
In Studies 36, 1947, pp. 489–90.
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Ó F[loinn] (D.)
(rev.): Rev. of Irish men of learning. {432}
In IER 69, 1947, pp. 1128–30.
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MacEnery (Marcus) (rev.): Rev. of Irish men of learning. {432}
In IHS 6, 1948/49 (1949), pp. 296–301.
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Bieler (Ludwig) (rev.): Rev. of Irish men of learning. {432}
In Scriptorium 3, 1949, p. 170.
Republ. in IBL 31, 1949/51, (no. 5, 1951), pp. 111–2.
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Féilscríbhinn Torna .i. Tráchtaisí léanta in onóir don Ollamh Tadhg Ua Donnchadha, D. Litt., in am a dheichiú bliana agus trí fichid, an ceathrú lá de mhí Mheán Fhómhair, 1944.
Séamus Pender do chur in eagar [ed.].
Corcaigh: Cló Ollscoile Chorcaí, 1947. 258 pp. portr.
Add. t.-p.: Essays and studies presented to Professor Tadhg Ua Donnchadha (Torna), on the occasion of his seventieth birthday, September 4th, 1944. . . . Cork University Press.
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[Vendryes (Joseph)]: Choix d’études linguistiques et celtiques.
Paris: Klincksieck, 1952. 352 pp. bibliogr. (= Collections linguistiques publ. par la Société de Linguistique de Paris, 55)
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Franciscan Donegal. A souvenir of the dedication of the Franciscan Church, Ros Nuala . . . 1952.
Ed. by T. O’Donnell.
Ros Nuala: Franciscan Friary, [forew. 1952]. viii + 121 pp. illus.
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Fearsaid. Iris iubhaile an Chumainn Ghaelaigh, Iolscoil na Bainríona, 1906–1956.
Béal Feirste: Cumann Gaelach, 1956. 81 pp. illus.
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Arctica. Essays presented to Åke Campbell.
Ed. by A. Furumark [etc.].
Uppsala: Almqvist & Wiksells Boktr., 1956. vi + 296 pp. (= Studia ethnographica Upsaliensia, 11)
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S[ommerfelt] (A.) (rev.): Rev. of Artica. {441}
In Lochlann 2, 1962, pp. 237–40.
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Coláiste Uladh. Leabhar cuimhne iubhaile leith-chéad blian, 1906–1956.
[Ed. by] Séamus Ó Néill & Bernárd Ó Dubhthaigh a chuir in eagar. [Cloghaneely, Co. Donegal]: Coiste na Coláiste, [1956]. 96 pp. pls.
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Studies presented to Joshua Whatmough on his sixtieth birthday.
Ed. by Ernst Pulgram.
’s-Gravenhage: Mouton, 1957. xviii + 281 pp. portr.
Abbr.: Fs. Whatmough
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Father Luke Wadding. Commemorative volume.
Ed. and preface, by The Franciscan Fathers (Dún Mhuire, Killiney).
Dublin: Clonmore & Reynolds, 1957. 652 pp. illus., portr.
Abbr.: Wadding essays.
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Father John Colgan, o.f.m., 1592–1658. Essays in commemoration of the third centenary of his death.
Ed., and preface, by Terence O Donnell.
Dublin: Assisi, 1959. 155 pp. illus., portr.
Abbr.: Colgan essays.
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Lehmann (Paul): Erforschung des Mittelalters. Ausgewählte Abhandlungen und Aufsätze.
Stuttgart: Hiersemann, 1959–62. 5 voll.
With bibliogr. of P.L.: [1905–41] in Bd. 1, [1941–62] in Bd. 5.
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[Walsh (Paul)]: Irish chiefs and leaders.
Ed. by Colm O Lochlainn.
Dublin: Three Candles, 1960. 334 pp. geneal. tabs.
Republ. of 18 papers by P.W., revised by the editor; indexes. Abbr.: Irish chiefs
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[Lewy (Ernst)]: Kleine Schriften.
Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1961. xv + 760 p. portr. (= Deutsche Akademie der Wissenschaften: Veröffentlichungen der Sprachwissenschaftlichen Kommission, 1)
Re-publication of articles and reviews by E.L., arranged by W. Steinitz & W. Wissmann; with indexes. Abbr.: Kl. Schr.
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Medieval studies presented to Aubrey Gwynn, s.j.
Ed. by J. A. Watt, J. B. Morrall & F. X. Martin.
Dublin: Three Candles, 1961. xi + 509 pp. portr., bibliogr.
Abbr.: Fs. Gwynn
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Sommerfelt (Alf): Diachronic and synchronic aspects of language. Selected articles.
’s- Gravenhage: Mouton, 1962. 421 pp. (= Janua linguarum, series maior, 7)
Abbr.: DSAL
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Householder (F. W.) (rev.): Rev. of Diachronic and synchronic aspects of language. {451}
In Lg 40, 1964, pp. 413–20.
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Faiche na bhFilí, Carraig na bhFear Cuimhneachán. Souvenir.
[Carraig na bhFear]: (pr. by) An Ciarruíoch [The Kerryman], [1962]. 96 pp. illus.
Contribb. on poets and scholars from Carrignavar (Co. Cork) from the late 17th c. onward, by various scholars.
A dual language publication on the occasion of the unveiling of a memorial to the poets of the parish.
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Bischoff (Bernhard): Mittelalterliche Studien. Ausgewählte Aufsätze zur Schriftkunde und Literaturgeschichte.
Stuttgart: Hiersemann, 1966, 67. 2 voll.
Indexes: bibliogr. of B.B. Abbr.: M.a. Studien
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Beitrge zur Indogermanistik und Keltologie. Julius Pokorny zum 80. Gerburtstag gewidmet.
Hrsg., und Widmung, von Wolfgang Meid.
Innsbruck: I.G.P.G., 1967. 332 pp. portr. (= IBK, Bd. 13)
Abbr.: Fs. Pokorny
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O[ftedal] (M.) (rev.): Rev. of Beiträge zur Indogermanistik und Keltologie. {455}
In Lochlann 4, 1969, pp. 361–9.
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Bachellery (E.) (rev.): Rev. of Beiträge zur Indogermanistik und Keltologie. {455}
In ÉtC 12, 1968/71, (fasc. 2, 1970/71), pp. 681–91.
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Dillon (Myles) (rev.): Rev. of Beiträge zur Indogermanistik und Keltologie. {455}
In Celtica 9, 1971, pp. 333–6.
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North Munster studies. Essays in commemoration of Monsignor Michael Moloney.
Ed. by Etienne Rynne.
Limerick: Thomond Arch. Soc., 1967.
xvi + 535 pp. illus., portr.
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Mac Cana (Proinsias) (rev.): Rev. of North Munster studies. {459}
In StC 5, 1970, pp. 174–5.
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Celtic studies. Essays in memory of Angus Matheson, 1912–1962.
Ed. by James Carney & David Greene.
London: Routledge & K. Paul 1968. x + 182 pp. portr.
With bibliogr. of A. M.
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[Weisgerber (Leo)]: Rhenania Germano-Celtica. Gesammelte Abhandlungen.
Dem Autor zum siebzigsten Geburtstag am 25. Februar 1969.
Hg. v. J. Knobloch & R. Schützeichel.
Bonn: Röhrscheid, 1969. 478 pp.
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Studies in folk life. Essays in honour of Iorwerth C. Peate.
Ed. by G. Jenkins.
London: Routledge & K. Paul, 1969. xvii + 344 pp.
Abbr. Fs. Peate
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