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F 4.3, Literature & Learning: Comparative Literature: Suibne

cf. G 3.11.03 Narrative Literature: Cycles of the Kings: Domnall mac Aeda meic Ainmire: Buile Suibne
H 5.03 Verse: Isolated or Alienated Poetry: Suibne

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Chadwick (Nora K.): Geilt.
In SGS 5, 1942, pp. 106–53.
History and function of the geilt in Irish (Buile Suibne, Cath Almaine, etc.), Welsh and early Norse literature.
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Smith (Roland M.): King Lear and the Merlin tradition.
In MLQ 7, 1946, pp. 153–74.
Comparison with Buile Suibhne.
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Carney (James): ‘Suibne Geilt’ and ‘The children of Lir’.
In Éigse 6, 1948/52, (pt. 2, 1950), pp. 83–110.
Republ. with changes in {495} [SILH], (chap. 4), pp. 129–64.
[cf. {4689}, {4690}]
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Jackson (Kenneth): A further note on Suibhne Geilt and Merlin.
In Éigse 7, 1953/55, (pt. 2, 1953), pp. 112–6, 120 [add.].
Criticism of J. Carney, ‘Suibne Geilt’ and ‘The children of Lir’, in Éigse 6, 1950. {4688}
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Carney (James): The origin of Suibne Gelt.
In 495 [SILH], (App. B), pp. 385–93.
Reply to K. Jackson, A further note on Suibhne Geilt and Merlin, in Éigse 7, 1953. {4689}
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Beneš (Brigit): Spuren von Schamanismus in der Sage Buile Suibhne.
In ZCP 28, 1960/61, pp. 309–34.
Incl. etymology of geilt.
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Henry (P. L.): The early English and Celtic lyric.
London: G. Allen & Unwin, 1966. 244 pp.
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