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Heiermeier (A.): Zwei irisch-isländische Parallelen.
In ZCP 22, 1941, pp. 58–66.
(1) extraordinary sword [Cross D1564.7]; (2) grád écmaise [T11.1].
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Knoch (August): Irische Parallelen zum wandernden Wald von Birnam in Shakespeares Macbeth.
In ZCP 22, 1941, pp. 149–65.
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Murphy (Gerard): The puzzle of the thirty counters.
In Béaloideas 12, 1942, pp. 3–28.
Incl. ed. of 16th c. mnemonic, Ceathrar fionn fiannadh ar dtús, based on MS R.I.A. 24 L 14.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Geilt.
In SGS 5, 1942, pp. 106–53.
History and function of the geilt in Irish (Buile Suibne, Cath Almaine, etc.), Welsh and early Norse literature.
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Smith (Roland M.): Spenser’s tale of the two sons of Milesio.
In MLQ 3, 1942, pp. 547–57.
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Gilchrist (Anne G.): The song of marvels (or lies).
In JEFDS 4, (no. 3, 1942), pp. 113–21.
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Alspach (Russell K.): Irish poetry from the English invasion to 1798.
Philadelphia: U.Ca.P., 1943. xi + 146 pp.
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Smith (Roland M.) (rev.): Rev. of Irish poetry from the English invasion to 1798. {4575}
In MLN 59, 1944, pp. 422–4.
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M[urphy] (G.) (rev.): Rev. of Irish poetry from the English invasion to 1798. {4575}
In Studies 33, 1944, pp. 561–3.
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Knoch (August): Die Gnomik der irischen Frühzeit im Lichte der alten indischen Spruchweisheit.
In ZCP 23, 1943, pp. 314–48.
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Alspach (Russell K.): Some sources of Yeat’s The Wanderings of Oisin.
In PMLA 58, 1943, pp. 849–66.
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Williams (Ifor): Lectures on early Welsh poetry.
Dublin: D.I.A.S., 1944 (repr. 1970). 76 pp.
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Meroney (Howard): Irish in the Old English charms.
In Speculum 20, 1945, pp. 172–82.
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Coomaraswamy (Ananda K.): On the loathly bride.
In Speculum 20, 1945, pp. 391–404.
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Smith (Roland M.): Irish names in The Faerie queene.
In MLN 61, 1946, pp. 27–38.
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Smith (Roland M.): Deirdre in England.
In MLN 61, 1946, pp. 311–5.
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Dillon (Myles): The Hindu act of truth in Celtic tradition.
In MPh 44, 1947, pp. 137–40.
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Hennig (John): Irish saints in early German literature.
In Speculum 22, 1947, pp. 358–74.
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Dillon (Myles): The archaism of Irish tradition.
In PBA 33, 1947 [1951], pp. 245–64. (= Rhŷs lecture, 1947 [read Feb. 1948])
Sep. issued London: O.U.P., 1948 (repr. 1949). 20 pp.
Repr. University of Chicago, 1969.
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Chotzen (Th. M. Th.): Emain Albach — Ynys Avallach — Insula Avallonis — Ile d’Avalon.
In ÉtC 4, 1941/48, (fasc. 2, 1948), pp. 255–74.
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Dunn (Charles W.): Highland song and Lowland ballad: a study in cultural patterns.
In UTQ 18, 1948/49, pp. 1–19.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): The story of Macbeth. A study in Gaelic and Norse tradition.
In SGS 6, 1949, pp. 189–211; 7, 1953, (pt. 1, 1951), pp. 1–25.
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Smith (Roland M.): The six gifts.
In JCS 1, 1950, (no. 1, 1949), pp. 98–104.
Irish origin of ‘thynges sixe’ in Chaucer’s Shipman’s tale.
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Whiting (B. J.): Lowland Scots and Celtic proverbs in North Carolina.
In JCS 1, 1950, (no. 1, 1949), pp. 116–27.
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Schlauch (Margaret): On Conall Corc and the relations of old Ireland with the Orient.
In JCS 1, 1950, pp. 152–66.
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Cross (Tom Peete): A note on ‘Sohrab and Rustum’ in Ireland.
In JCS 1, 1950, pp. 176–82.
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Hennig (John): Irish-German literary relations. A survey.
In German life and letters 3, 1950, pp. 102–10.
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Hennig (John): Fortunatus in Ireland.
In UJA 13, 1950, pp. 93–104.
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Hennig (John): Ireland’s place in the chivalresque literature of mediaeval Germany.
In PRIA 53 C, 1950/51, (no. 3), pp. 279–98.
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Meyer (Robert T.): The Middle Irish Odyssey: folktale, fiction, or saga?
In MPh 50, 1952, pp. 73–8.
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Vendryes (J.): Sept pieds de terre après la mort.
In ÉtC 6, 1953/54, (fasc. 1, 1952), pp. 199–200. (= Variétés, [no. 4])
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Vries (Jan de): Über keltisch-germanische Beziehungen auf dem Gebiete der Heldensage.
In PBB 75, 1953, pp. 229–47.
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Vries (Jan de): Das Motiv des Vater-Sohn-Kampfes im Hildebrandslied.
In GRM 3, 1953, pp. 257–74.
Republ. with Nachschrift in Zur germanisch-deutschen Heldensage. Hg. v. K. Hauck. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 1961. (= Wege der Forschung, Bd. 14) pp. 248–73.
Nachschrift (pp. 273–84): shortened German version of the author’s Le conte irlandais Aided óenfir Aífe … (in Ogam 9, 1957).
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Chadwick (Nora K.): A note on the name Vortigern.
In 493 [SEBH], pp. 34–46.
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Bromwich (Rachel): The character of the early Welsh tradition.
In 493 [SEBH], (no. 5), pp. 83–136.
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Turville-Petre (G.): Um dróttkvaeđi og írskan kveđskap.
In Skírnir 128, 1954, pp. 31–55.
Engl. transl.
On the poetry of the scalds and of the filid.
In Ériu 22, 1971, pp. 1–22.
Tr. by G. Mac Eoin; with a postscript by the author, and an introd. note by David Greene.
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Carney (James): Studies in Irish literature and history.
Dublin: D.I.A.S., 1955. xi + 412 pp.
3. The Irish element in Beowulf; 5. The Vita Kentegerni and the Finding of the Táin; 6. The Irish affinities of Tristan; 8. The external element in Irish saga.
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Murphy (Gerard) (rev.): Rev. of Studies in Irish literature and history. {4605}
In Éigse 8, 1956/57, pp. 152–64.
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Loomis (Roger S.) (rev.): Rev. of Studies in Irish literature and history. {4605}
In MAe 26, 1957, pp. 197–9.
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Wagner (Heinrich): Eine irisch-altnordische ιερòs γάμοs - Episode.
In PBB 77, 1955, pp. 348–57.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Pictish and Celtic marriage in early literary tradition.
In SGS 8, 1958, (pt. 1, 1955), pp. 56–115.
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Greene (David) (ed.): Un joc grossier in Irish and Provençal.
In Ériu 17, 1955, pp. 7–15.
3 texts on táiplis ‘backgammon’ in a metaphorical erotic sense (originating in France or Provence).
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Chadwick (Nora Kershaw): Literary tradition in the Old Norse and Celtic world.
In Saga-book 14, 1953/57, (pt. 3, 1955/56), pp. 164–99.
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Carney (James): The ecclesiastic background to Irish saga.
In Arctica. Essays presented to Åke Campbell, Uppsala, 1956. (= Studia ethnographica Upsaliensia, 11) pp. 221–7.
Esp. Táin bó Fraích.
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Szövérffy (Joseph): Heroic tales, medieval legends and an Irish story. (Literary background of a Donegal tale.)
In ZCP 25, 1956, pp. 183–209.
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Ó Tuama (Seán): An pastourelle sa Ghaeilge.
In Éigse 8, 1956/57, pp. 181–96.
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McNally (Robert E.): Der irische Liber de numeris. Eine Quellenanalyse des pseudo-isidorischen Liber de numeris.
Inaugural-Dissertation zur Erlangung des Doktorgrades … der Universität München.
München, 1957. xv + 210 pp.
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Szövérffy (Joseph): Irisches Erzählgut im Abendland. Studien zur vergleichenden Volkskunde und Mittelalterforschung.
Berlin: E. Schmidt, 1957. ix + 193 pp.
II. Heldensage und Heiligenlegende (2. Die Herkunft einer Heldensage [Aided Chonchobuir]); III. Manus O’Donnell - Studien.
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D[illon] (M.) (rev.): Rev. of Irisches Erzählgut im Abendland. {4616}
In JRSAI 88, 1958, pp. 189–91.
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M[urphy] (G.) (rev.): Rev. of Irisches Erzählgut im Abendland. {4616}
In Éigse 9, 1958/61, (pt. 2, 1958), pp. 133–4.
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Pisiani (Vittore) (rev.): Rev. of Irisches Erzählgut im Abendland. {4616}
In Paideia 15, 1960, pp. 288–90.
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Christiansen (R. Th.): Scotsmen and Norsemen: cultural relations in the North Sea area.
In ScSt 1, 1957, pp. 15–37.
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Vries (Jan de): Les rapports des poésies scaldique et gaëlique.
In Ogam 9, 1957, pp. 13–26.
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Vries (Jan de): Le conte irlandais Aided óenfir Aífe et le thème du combat du père et du fils dans quelques traditions indo-européenes.
In Ogam 9, 1957, pp. 122–38.
Shortened German version as Nachschrift to 5030.
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Szövérffy (Joseph): Siaburcharpat Conculainn, the Cadoc-legend, and the Finding of the Táin.
In BBCS 17, 1958, (pt. 2, 1957), pp. 69–77.
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Jackson (Kenneth Hurlstone): The sources for the Life of St. Kentigern.
In 505 [SEBC], (no. 6), pp. 273–357.
App. 2: on J. Carney’s views (in SILH) of its relationship to Táin bó Fraích.
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Ó Broin (Tomás): The genesis of ‘An Chrīnōc’.
In Éigse 9, 1958/61, pp. 1–3.
Modelled on Horace epilogue to Epistles, book 1.
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Szövérffy (Joseph) (ed.): Rí Naomh Seoirse: chapbook and hedgeschools.
In Éigse 9, 1958/61, pp. 114–28.
Story, recorded 1937 in Co. Kerry, ultimately derived from Engl. chapbook.
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Henry (P. L.): Líadan and Guđrún. An Irish-Icelandic correspondence.
In ZCP 27, 1958/59, pp. 221–2.
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Sveinsson (Einar Ól.): Celtic elements in Icelandic tradition.
In Béaloideas 25, 1957 (1959), pp. 3–24.
Paper read to the 1st I.C.C.S., 1959.
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Christiansen (Reidar Th.): Studies in Irish and Scandinavian folktales.
Copenhagen: (for Coimisiún Béaloideasa Éireann) Rosenkilde & Bagger, 1959. vii + 249 pp.
With a List of variants.
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Stewart (James) (rev.): Rev. of Studies in Irish and Scandinavian folktales. {4629}
In Arv 16, 1960, pp. 182–4.
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Maclean (C. I.) (rev.): Rev. of Studies in Irish and Scandinavian folktales. {4629}
In ScSt 4, 1960, pp. 214–6.
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Wrenn (C. L.): Saxons and Celts in south-west Britain.
In THSC 1959, pp. 38–75.
O’Donnell lectures, Oxford, 1958: 1. Some Celtic elements in Anglo-Saxon culture; 2. Saxon and Celtic factors in Cornwall.
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Ó Caomhánaigh (Breandán): Aithghiniúint sa Ghaeilge.
In IMN 1959, pp. 40–2.
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Dunn (Charles W.): The foundling and the werwolf. A literary-historical study of Guillaume de Palerne.
Toronto: U.T.P., 1960. vi + 158 pp. (= University of Toronto Department of English, Studies and texts, no. 8)
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Dunleavy (Gareth W.): Colum’s other island. The Irish at Lindisfarne.
Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1960. x + 149 pp. illus.
The effect of Irish monastic culture upon Northumbria (learning, manuscripts, crosses, elegy).
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Mac Cana (Proinsias): The origin of Marbán.
In BBCS 19, 1962, (pt. 1, 1960), pp. 1–6.
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Ó Broin (Tomás): Classical sources of the Conception of Mongan.
In ZCP 28, 1960/61, pp. 262–71.
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Ó Tuama (Seán): The new love poetry.
In 508 [Seven centuries], (no. 7), pp. 102–20.
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Rees (Alwyn) & Rees (Brinley): Celtic heritage. Ancient tradition in Ireland and Wales.
London: Thames & Hudson, 1961. 427 pp.
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Rooth (Anna Birgitta): Loki in Scandinavian mythology.
Lund: Gleerups, 1961. xv + 266 pp. (= Acta Reg. Societatis Humaniorum Litterarum Lundensis, 61)
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Jackson (Kenneth Hurlstone): The international popular tale and early Welsh tradition.
Cardiff: U.W.P., 1961. xii + 141 pp. (= Gregynog lectures, 1961)
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Mac Cana (P.) (rev.): Rev. of The international popular tale and early Welsh tradition. {4641}
In Celtica 7, 1966, pp. 242–8.
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Lee (A. van der): Aided óenfir Aífe. Initiation oder Wanderung.
In Orbis 10, 1961, pp. 527–41.
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Mercier (Vivian): Swift and the Gaelic tradition.
In RELit 3, 1962, pp. 69–79.
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Henry (P. L.): A Celtic-English prosodic feature.
In ZCP 29, 1962/64, (H. 1/2, 1962), pp. 91–9.
On dúnad or iarcomarc; incl. poem from Auraic. 2183ff. Dunta for nduan decid lib, with Engl. transl.
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Vries (Jan de.): Germanic and Celtic heroic traditions.
In Saga-book 16, 1962/65, (pt. 1), pp. 22–40.
O’Donnell lecture, Oxford, 1962.
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Seymour (M. C.): The Irish version of ‘Mandeville’s travels’.
In NQ 208, 1963, pp. 364–6.
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Dumézil (Georges): Le puits de Nechtan.
In Celtica 6, 1963, pp. 50–61.
v. Dinds. §19; also on the name Nechtan.
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Quin (C. C. W.): W. B. Yeats and Irish tradition.
In Hermathena 97, 1963, pp. 3–19.
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Campanile (Enrico): Appunti sulla storia e la preistoria delle loriche celtiche.
In ANSP 33, 1964, pp. 57–92.
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Pyle (Hilary): James Stephens and the Irish language.
In The Dubliner 3, 1964, no. 2, pp. 57–68.
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Jackson (Kenneth): Some popular motifs in early Welsh tradition.
In ÉtC 11, 1964/67, (fasc. 1, 1964/65), pp. 83–99.
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Dunleavy (Gareth W.): Old Ireland, Scotland and Northumbria.
In 514 [Old Ireland], pp. 173–99.
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Hillgarth (J. N.): Old Ireland and Visigothic Spain.
In 515 [Old Ireland], pp. 200–27.
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Bromwich (Rachel): The Celtic inheritance of medieval literature.
In MLQ 26, 1965, pp. 203–27.
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Ó Tuama (Seán): Téamaí iasachta i bhfilíocht pholaitiúil na Gaeilge (1600–1800).
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 3, 1965/66), pp. 201–13.
Foreign themes in Irish political poetry (1600–1800).
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Rees (Alwyn D.): Modern evaluations of Celtic narrative tradition.
In 467 [2nd ICCS], (no. 2), pp. 29–61.
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Cormier (Raymond): The maddening rain: a comparison of the Irish and Provençal versions.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 4), pp. 247–51.
On Bíodh aire ag Ultaibh ar Aodh, by Eochaidh Ó hEódhusa (v. ISP, pp. 51ff, 99ff).
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Henry (P. L.): The early English and Celtic lyric.
London: G. Allen & Unwin, 1966. 244 pp.
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Stewart (James): The burial of the priest’s concubine.
In Arv 23, 1967, pp. 137–42.
Ed. by K. Meyer, in Anecd. iii 9 (v. Best1 122).
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Chadwick (Nora K.): The borderland of the spirit world in early European literature.
In Trivium 2, 1967, pp. 17–36.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Dreams in early European literature.
In 461 [Celtic studies], pp. 33–50.
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MacCarvill (Eileen): Jonathan Swift, Aodh Buí Mac Cruitín, and contemporary Thomond scholars.
In NMAJ 11, 1968, pp. 36–46.
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O Nolan (Kevin): Homer and the Irish hero tale.
In StH 8, 1968, pp. 7–20.
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O Nolan (Kevin): Homer and Irish narrative.
In ClQ 19, 1969, pp. 1–19.
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Carney (James): The deeper level of early Irish literature.
In CapA 1969, pp. 160–71.
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Cormier (Raymond): La lamentation de Fann et l’hypothèse des sources celtiques de l’amour courtois.
In MA 75, 1969, pp. 87–94.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Early literary contacts between Wales and Ireland.
In 481 [Irish Sea province], pp. 66–77.
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Haug (Walter): Vom Imram zur Aventiure-Fahrt.
In Wolfram-Studien, Hg. v. W. Schröder. Berlin: E. Schmidt, 1970. (Veröffentlichungen der Wolfram von Eschenbach-Gesellschaft) pp. 264–98.
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Stanford (W. B.): Towards a history of classical influences in Ireland.
In PRIA 70 C, 1970, (no. 3), pp. 13–91.
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Marcus (Phillip L.): Old Irish myth and modern Irish literature.
In Irish university review 1, (no. 1, 1970), pp. 67–85.
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Hughes (Kathleen): Some aspects of Irish influences on early English private prayer.
In StC 5, 1970, pp. 48–61.
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Goetinck (G. W.): Aucassin et Nicolette and Celtic literature.
In ZCP 31, 1970, pp. 224–9.
Also on prose-verse genre (chantefable).
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