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Aarne (Antii) & Thompson (Stith): The types of the folktale. A classification and bibliography. — 2nd revision
A.A.’s Verzeichnis der Märchentypen (FFC, no. 3), transl. & enl. by St.Th.
Helsinki: Acad. Scient. Fennica, 1961. 588 pp. (= FFC, no. 184)
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Bergin (Osborn): White red-eared cows.
In Ériu 14, 1946, p. 170.
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Bolelli (Tristano) (ed.): La leggenda del re dalle orecchie di cavallo in Irlanda.
In 489 [Due studi], pp. 43–98.
(1) [Labraid Lorc and his ears], from YBL (cf. RC 2.197ff); (2) [King Eochaid has horse’s ears], the first part of the tale Aided meic Díchoíme 7 cuisle Brigde (v. Best1 118), from MS R.I.A. D iv 2. With Italian transl. and glossary.
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Breathnach (Riobard): Na cártaí agus an fhilíocht.
In Cork University record 10, 1947, pp. 56–9.
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Breatnach (R. A.): The lady and the king, a theme of Irish literature.
In Studies 42, 1953, pp. 321–36.
Lecture delivered in U.C.C., 1953, entitled ‘The Shanvan vocht’.
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Bromwich (Rachel): Celtic dynastic themes and the Breton lays.
In ÉtC 9, 1960/61, pp. 439–74.
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Brown (Arthur C. L.): The esplumoir and Viviane.
In Speculum 20, 1945, pp. 426–32.
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Bruford (Alan): Gaelic folk-tales and mediaeval romances. A study of the Early Modern Irish ‘Romantic tales’ and their oral derivatives.
In Béaloideas 34, 1966 (1969), vii + 284 pp.
Sep. publ. Dublin: Folklore of Ireland Society, 1969. same pagin.
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Butler (Hubert): The dumb and the stammerers in early Irish history.
In Antiquity 23, 1949, pp. 20–31.
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Butler (Hubert): Who were ‘the stammerers’?
In JRSAI 80, 1950, pp. 228–36.
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Carney (James): ‘Suibne Geilt’ and ‘The children of Lir’.
In Éigse 6, 1948/52, (pt. 2, 1950), pp. 83–110.
Republ. with changes in {495} [SILH], (chap. 4), pp. 129–64.
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Carney (Maura): Fót báis / banaþúfa.
In Arv 13, 1957, pp. 173–9.
‘sod of death’, the spot where a man is destined to die.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Geilt.
In SGS 5, 1942, pp. 106–53.
History and function of the geilt in Irish (Buile Suibne, Cath Almaine, etc.), Welsh and early Norse literature.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Pictisch and Celtic marriage in early literary tradition.
In SGS 8, 1958, (pt. 1, 1955), pp. 56–115.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Dreams in early European literature.
In 461 [Celtic studies], p. 33–50.
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Christiansen (Reidar Th.): Studies in Irish and Scandinavian folktales.
Copenhagen: (for Coimisiún Béaloideasa Éireann) Rosenkilde & Bagger, 1959. vii + 249 pp.
With a List of variants.
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Christiansen (Reidar Th.): The people of the north.
In Lochlann 2, 1962, pp. 137–64.
Incl. printing of Kenney, no. 422 (cf. Thes. ii 258, 422), with Engl. transl.
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Cormier (Raymond): The maddening rain: a comparison of the Irish and Provençal versions.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 4, 1965/66), pp. 247–51.
On Bíodh aire ag Ultaibh ar Aodh, by Eochaidh Ó hEódhusa (v. ISP, pp. 51ff, 99ff).
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Cormier (Raymond J.): Early Irish tradition and memory of the Norsemen in the Wooing of Emer.
In StH 9, 1969, pp. 65–75.
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Cross (Tom Peete): A note on ‘Sohrab and Rustum’ in Ireland.
In JCS 1, 1950, pp. 176–82.
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Cross (Tom Peete) (comp.): Motif-index of early Irish literature.
Bloomington: Indiana University, [1952]. xx + 537 pp. (= I.U. publications, Folklore series, no. 7)
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Dillon (Myles): The Hindu act of truth in Celtic tradition.
In MPh 44, 1947, pp. 137–40.
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Dobbs (M. E.): The silver basin of Étaín.
In ZCP 24, 1954, (H. 3, 1953), pp. 201–3.
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Donahue (Charles): Grendel and the clanna Cain.
In JCS 1, 1950, pp. 167–75.
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Draak (Maartje): Betovering voor een etmaal. Rede ... aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam, 12 dec. 1955.
Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, [1956]. 20 pp.
The motif of enchantment for 24 hours.
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Draak (Maartje): Some aspects of kingship in pagan Ireland.
In La regalità sacra. The sacral kingship. Contributi al tema dell’ VIII Congresso internazionale di storia delle religioni (Roma, Aprile 1955). Leiden: Brill, 1959. (= Studies in the history of religions, 4) pp. 651–63.
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Ettlinger (E.): Magic weapons in Celtic legends.
In Folk-lore 56, 1945, pp. 295–307.
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Ettlinger (E.): Precognitive dreams in Celtic legend.
In Folk-lore 59, 1948, pp. 97–117.
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Ettlinger (Ellen): Omens and Celtic warfare.
In Man 43, 1943, pp. 11–7.
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Fleming (John B.): Folklore, fact and legend.
In IJMSc 1953, pp. 49–63.
On ‘couvade’, etc.
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Goetinck (Glenys Witchard): La demoisele hideuse in Peredur, Perceval and Parzival.
In ZCP 30, 1967, pp. 354–61.
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Greene (David) (rev.): Rev. of An grá in amhráin na ndaoine. {4517}
In Celtica 6, 1963, pp. 282–4.
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Gricourt (Jean): Un ‘mell benniget’ gaélique.
In Ogam 7, 1955, pp. 155–70.
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Gricourt (Jean): A propos de l’allaitement symbolique: le domain irlandais.
In Hommages à Waldemar Deonna. Bruxelles: Latomus, 1957. (Collection Latomus, vol. 28) pp. 247–57.
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Gricourt (Jean): L’oreille droite de saint Fraech.
In Ogam 9, 1957, pp. 187–94.
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Guyonvarc’h (Christian J.): Die irische Ogam-Schrift.
In Studium generale 20, 1967, pp. 448–56.
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Harward (Vernon J., Jr.): The dwarfs of Arthurian romance and Celtic tradition.
Leiden: Brill, 1958. 149 pp.
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Heiermeier (A.): Zwei irisch-isländische Parallelen.
In ZCP 22, 1941, pp. 58–66.
(1) extraordinary sword [Cross D1564.7]; (2) grád écmaise [T11.1.].
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Heiermeier (A.): Die im norwegischen Königsspiegel, vorkommenden irischen Namen und Wunder.
In Rudolf Meissner (tr.), Der Königsspiegel, Konungsskuggsjá. Halle (Saale): Niemeyer, 1944. pp. 263–88.
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Henry (P. L.): The early English and Celtic lyric.
London: G. Allen & Unwin, 1966. 244 pp.
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Hull (Vernam): Cú Chulainn’s feats.
In JCS 2, 1958, (no. 1, 1953), pp. 43–4.
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Hull (Vernam): Celtic tears of blood.
In ZCP 25, 1956, pp. 226–36.
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Hull (Vernam): The Death of Conla.
In ZCP 29, 1962/64, (H. 1/2, 1962), pp. 190–1. (Notes on Irish texts, no. 5)
Instances from Aided óenfir Aífe and Cog. of the motif of calves being prevented from sucking their mothers for a period of commemoration. Also criticism of an emendation by A. G. van Hamel in his ed. of the former (in Comp.C.C. p. 14.9).
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Hull (Vernam): Early Irish Segais.
In ZCP 29, 1962/64, (H. 3/4, 1964), pp. 321–4. (Varia Hibernica, no. 5)
Passage on the mystic hazels of Segais, from The caldron of poesy (Anecd. v 25), with Engl. transl. and notes.
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Hull (Vernam): A note on Buile Shuibhne.
In Celtica 9, 1971, p. 214.
A further instance of calves prevented from sucking their mothers for a period of commemoration.
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Illingworth (R. N.): Celtic tradition and the lai of Yonec.
In ÉtC 9, 1960/61, pp. 501–20.
2nd h. 12th c., by Marie de France
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Jackson (Kenneth): A note on the miracle of the instantaneous harvest.
In BBCS 10, 1941, (pt. 3, 1940), pp. 203–7.
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Jackson (Kenneth): Some popular motifs in early Welsh tradition.
In ÉtC 11, 1964/67, (fasc. 1, 1964/65), pp. 83–99.
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Jackson (Kenneth Hurlstone): The sources for the Life of St. Kentigern.
In 505 [SEBC], (no. 6), pp. 273–357.
App. 2: on J. Carney’s views (in SILH) of its relationship to Táin bó Fraích.
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Knoch (August): Irische Parallelen zum wandernden Wald von Birnam in Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
In ZCP 22, 1941, pp. 149–65.
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Knoch (August): Die Verwendung von Bruchzahlen in der älteren irischen Literatur.
In ZCP 22, 1941, pp. 39–53.
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Knoch (August): Von irischen Namenträgern.
In ZCP 23, 1943, (H. 1/2, 1942), pp. 135–201.
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Krappe (A. H.): Avallon.
In Speculum 18, 1943, pp. 303–22.
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Krappe (Alexander H.): The sovereignty of Erin.
In AJP 63, 1942, pp. 444–54.
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Le Roux (Françoise): Des chaudrons celtiques, à l’arbre d’Esus, Lucain et les Scholies Bernoises.
In Ogam 7, 1955, pp. 33–58.
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Le Roux (Françoise): De la lance dangereuse, de la femme infidèle et du chien infernal: la fatalité et la mort dans une légende religieuse de l’ancienne Irlande.
In Ogam 10, 1958, pp. 381–412.
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Le Roux (Françoise): Le guerrier borgne et le druide aveugle. La cécité et la voyance.
In Ogam 13, 1961, pp. 331–42.
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Le Roux (Françoise): Remarques sur le taureau à trois cornes.
In Ogam 18, 1966, pp. 509–10. (Notes d’histoire des religions (15), no. 42)
ad lón láith.
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Le Roux (Françoise): La ‘gauche’ et la ‘droite’.
In Ogam 20, 1968, p. 200. (Notes d’histoire des religions (19), no. 52)
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Lee (Gerard A.): Chivalry in Irish poetry and legend.
In Armorial 5, (no. 3, 1966), pp. 95–103.
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Lucas (A. T.): The sacred trees of Ireland.
In JCHAS 68, 1963, pp. 16–54.
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Lucas (A. T.): Washing and bathing in ancient Ireland.
In JRSAI 95, 1965, pp. 65–114.
With Ir. terminology.
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Lukman (N.): The raven banner and the changing ravens. A Viking miracle from Carolingian court poetry to saga and Arthurian romance.
In CM 19, 1958, pp. 133–51.
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Mac Cana (Proinsias): Aspects of the theme of king and goddess in Irish literature.
In ÉtC 7, 1955/56, pp. 76–114, 356–413; 8, 1958/59, pp. 59–65.
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Mac Cana (Proinsias): The influence of the Vikings on Celtic literature.
In 464 [1st ICCS], pp. 78–118.
Incl. discussion of Irua(i)th and Irua(i)t.
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Mac Eoin (Gearóid S.): Invocation of the forces of nature in the loricae.
In StH 2, 1962, pp. 212–7.
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Mac Eoin (Gearóid S.): Some Icelandic loricae.
In StH 3, 1963, pp. 143–54.
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Mac Eoin (Gearóid S.): Gleann Bolcáin agus Gleann na nGealt.
In Béaloideas 30, 1962 (1964), pp. 105–20.
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Mac Eoin (Gearóid S.): The mysterious death of Loegaire mac Néill.
In StH 8, 1968, pp. 21–48.
Incl. discussion of the Bórama.
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Mac Giolla Riabhaigh (Seán): ‘Ní bía mar do bá.’ Scrúdú téamúil ar na laoithe Fiannaíochta.
In IMN 1970, pp. 52–63.
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Mac Mathúna (Ciarán): Samhlaíocht a thaisteal.
In Éigse 7, 1953/55, (pt. 2, 1953), pp. 121–2, 126.
ad Dá mudh dubh an fhairrge (v. Dánfhocail, 84).
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Maclean (S.): Notes on sea imagery in 17th century Gaelic poetry.
In TGSI 43, 1960/63 (1966), pp. 132–49.
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MacNeill (Máire): The legends of the false god’s daughter.
In JRSAI 79, 1949, pp. 100–9.
Marbhna Phádraig (Marbhna Áine, M. Anna) and Altram tige dá medar.
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MacNeill (Máire): Trespass and building in the Lughnasa legends.
In JRSAI 95, 1965, pp. 115–9.
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Martin (B. K.): The lament of the old woman of Beare: a critical evaluation.
In MAe 38, 1969, pp. 245–61.
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Marx (Jean): Le cortège du chateau des merveilles dans le roman gallois de Peredur.
In ÉtC 9, 1960/61, pp. 92–105.
Republ. in {4756} [Nouvelles recherches], pp. 113–21.
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Marx (Jean): Quelques observations sur la formation de la notion du chevalier errant.
In ÉtC 11, 1964/67, (fasc. 2, 1966/67), pp. 344–50.
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Matheson (Angus): bearradh eòin agus amadain.
In Éigse 8, 1956/57, p. 255. (Some words from Gaelic folktales, no. 11)
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McNamara (Leo F.): Traditional motifs in the Caithréim Thoirdhealbhaigh.
In Kentucky foreign language quarterly 8, 1961, pp. 85–92.
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Meroney (Howard): Full name and address in early Irish.
In Philologica: the Malone anniversary studies. Ed. by T. A. Kirby & H. B. Woolf. Baltimore: J. Hopkins Press, 1949. pp. 124–31.
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Moreau (Jacques): Les guerriers et les femmes impudiques.
In Annuaire de l’Institut de Philologie et d’Histoire Orientales et Slaves 11, 1951, pp. 283–300.
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Mühlhausen (Ludwig): Wichtelmänner in Irland.
In ZCP 23, 1943, pp. 302–8.
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Mühlhausen (Ludwig): cuaille comhraic.
In ZCP 23, 1943, pp. 309–11. (Kleine Beiträge, no. 5)
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hlhausen (Ludwig): Über die Rolle von Personennamen. (Keltisches und Nordisches).
In BNF 1, 1949/50, pp. 187–94.
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Murphy (Gerard): The puzzle of the thirty counters.
In Béaloideas 12, 1942, pp. 3–28.
Incl. ed. of 16th c. mnemonic, Ceathrar fionn fiannadh ar dtús, based on MS R.I.A. 24 L 14.
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Murphy (Gerard): Glimpses of Gaelic Ireland. Two lectures.
Dublin: Fallon, 1948. 64 pp.
1. Irish folk-poetry. (Delivered in U.C.D., 1942). 2. Warriors and poets in thirteenth-century Ireland. (U.C.D., 1946).
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Murphy (Gerard): Duanaire Finn. The Book of the lays of Fionn. Part 3.
Dublin: E.C.I., 1953 [spine 1954]. cxxii + 451 pp. (= ITS, vol. 43 [for 1941])
Introduction, notes, appendices, and glossary (cf. Best1 188, Best2 1664). — Indexes by G. M. & Anna O’Sullivan. — App. G: Idris L. Foster, Gwynn ap Nudd.
Add. & corr. in Éigse 8, 1956/57, pp. 168–71.
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Ó Briain (Felim): Miracles in the Lives of the Irish saints.
In IER 66, 1945, pp. 331–42.
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Ó Briain (Felim): Saga themes in Irish hagiography.
In 437 [Fs. Torna], pp. 33–42.
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Ó Broin (Tomás): What is the ‘debility’ of the Ulstermen?
In Éigse 10, 1961/63, (pt. 4), pp. 286–99.
On (cess) noí(n)den Ulad.
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Ó Broin (Tomás): The word cess.
In Éigse 12, 1967/68, pp. 109–14.
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Ó Broin (Tomás): The word noínden.
In Éigse 13, 1969/70, pp. 165–76.
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Ó Cuív (Brian): Suibhne Geilt.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 3, 1965/66), pp. 290–3. (Miscellanea, no. 4)
Allusions to Suibhne in post-classical verse.
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Ó Cuív (Brian): Gleann na nGealt.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 3, 1965/66), p. 293. (Miscellanea, no. 5)
Earliest occurrence in IGT ii ex. 1496 (MS dated to 1552).
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Ó Cuív (Brian): Orpheus.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 3, 1965/66), pp. 293–4. (Miscellanea, no. 6)
Allusions to Orpheus and his music in 18th and 19th c. verse.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): Eachtra Aodha Duibh.
In Éigse 12, 1967/68, pp. 39–60.
al. Eachtra an Ghliomaigh Chabodhair. Based on MS R.I.A. 24 C 49; ling. analysis (dialectal features, ? Co. Limerick), Engl. summary. List of motifs, by Seán Ó Súilleabháin.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (rev.): Rev. of An grá in amhráin na ndaoine. {4517}
In Éigse 10, 1961/63, (pt. 1), pp. 71–4.
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Ó Doibhlin (Breandán): Litríocht agus léirmheas.
In IMN 1961, pp. 50–2.
ad S. Ó Tuama, An grá in amhráin na ndaoine, 1960 [4517].
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Ó Laoghaire (Diarmuid): Early Irish spirituality.
In CapA 1969, pp. 135–47.
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Ó Mainín (Mícheál): ‘Is ar Éirínn ní neósfainn cé h-í.’
In IMN 157, pp. 97–8.
Continued as Tuilleadh discréide. In IMN 1958, p. 43.
6 + 4 exx. of name riddles from love poetry.
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Ó Moghráin (Pádraig): Pól Ó hUiginn.
In Béaloideas 15, 1945 (1946), pp. 87–101.
Identification of the ex-priest of tradition with the lecturer of Irish in T.C.D., 1680–82.
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Ó Muirgheasa (Máirín Ní Mhuirgheasa): Gnéithe áirithe den bhfilíocht grá.
In Feasta 1, uimhr. 1–3, Aibreán-Meitheamh 1948.
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Ó Ruadháin (Micheál): Birds in Irish folklore.
In Acta XI Congressus internationalis ornithologici, Basel ... 1954. Hg. v. A. Portmann & E. Sutter. Basel, Stuttgart, 1955. (= Experientia, Suppl. 3) pp. 669–76.
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Ó Súilleabháin (Seán): Caitheamh aimsire ar thórraimh.
B.Á.C.: Clóchomhar, 1961. xiv + 168 pp. illus. (= Leabhair thaighde, iml. 6)
Engl. transl. Irish wake amusements. Cork: Mercier, 1967. 188 pp.
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Ó Súilleabháin (Seán) & Christiansen (Reidar Th.): The types of the Irish folktale.
Helsinki: Acad. Scient. Fennica, 1963. 349 pp. (= FFC, no. 188)
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Ó Tuama (Seán): An pastourelle sa Ghaeilge.
In Éigse 8, 1956/57, pp. 181–96.
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Ó Tuama (Seán): An grá in amhráin na ndaoine. Léiriú téamúil.
B.Á.C.: Clóchomhar, 1960. xv + 348 pp.
The types of Irish love-song and the Anglo-Norman (French) influence of the 12th to 14th c.
Chap. 8. An reverdie [on the aisling].
Aguisín [App.] 2. Rime couée sa Ghaeilge; 3. Meadarachtaí eile; 4. Bailéid [a list of international ballads in Irish].
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Ó Tuama (Seán): Téamaí iasachta i bhfilíocht pholaitiúil na Gaeilge (1600–1800).
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 3, 1965/66), pp. 201–13.
Foreign themes in Irish political poetry (1600–1800).
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O’Brien (M. A.): Ir. grád écmaise.
In Celtica 3, 1956, p. 179. (Etymologies and notes, no. 17)
An old expression grád écmaise ‘immoderate love’ (écmaise = neg. of coimse ‘moderate’) gets through the literary motif contaminated with écmais ‘absence’ (lenited m).
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O’Rahilly (T. F.): éagm(h)ais, éagm(h)aiseach.
In Celtica 1, 1950, pp. 345–7. (Varia 2, no. 10)
From ca. 17th c., grádh éagm(h)aise understood as ‘very great love’; > adj. éagm(h)aiseach ‘very great (esp. of love)’.
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Pollak (Johanna): Beiträge zur Verwendung der Farben in der älteren irischen Literatur.
In ZCP 27, 1958/59, pp. 161–205.
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Puhvel (Martin): Beowulf and Celtic under-water adventure.
In Folklore 76, 1965, pp. 254–61.
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Puhvel (Martin): Beowulf and Irish battle rage.
In Folklore 79, 1968, pp. 40–7.
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Ramnoux (Clémence): De l’aubergiste, de l’allumeur du feu, du champion et de quelques autres personnages et objets remarquables.
In Ogam 4, 1952, pp. 264–9.
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Ramnoux (Clémence): La mort sacrificielle du roi.
In Ogam 6, 1954, pp. 209–18.
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Redempta le Muire (An Sr.): Purgadóir Phádraig naofa sa litríocht.
In IMN 1957, pp. 82–9.
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Redempta le Muire (An tSr.): ‘Grian na maighdean Máthair Dé.’ Stuidéar diaga ar Mhuire i saothar na mbard (1200–1650 A.D.).
In IMN 1958, pp. 63–8.
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Rees (Alwyn) & Rees (Brinley): Celtic heritage. Ancient tradition in Ireland and Wales.
London: Thames & Hudson, 1961. 427 pp.
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Ross (Anne): Chain symbolism in pagan Celtic religion.
In Speculum 34, 1959, pp. 39–59.
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Ross (Anne): The human head in insular pagan Celtic religion.
In PSAS 91, 1957/58 (1960) pp. 10–43. pls.
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Ross (Anne): Esus et les trois ‘grues’.
In ÉtC 9, 1960/61, pp. 405–38.
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Ross (James) (rev.): Rev. of An grá in amhráin na ndaoine. {4517}
In SGS 9, 1962, pp. 204–7.
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Schlauch (Margaret): On Conall Corc and the relations of old Ireland with the Orient.
In JCS 1, 1950, pp. 152–66.
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Smith (Roland M.): The six gifts.
In JCS 1, 1950, (no. 1, 1949), pp. 98–104.
Irish origin of ‘thynges sixe’ in Chaucer’s Shipman’s tale.
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Szövérffy (Joseph): Heroic tales, medieval legends and an Irish story. (Literary background of a Donegal tale.)
In ZCP 25, 1956, pp. 183–209.
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Szövérffy (Joseph): Manus O’Donnell and Irish folk tradition.
In Éigse 8, 1956/57, pp. 108–32.
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Vendryes (J.): L’écriture ogamique et ses origines.
In ÉtC 4, 1941/48, (fasc. 1, 1941), pp. 83–116.
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Vendryes (J.): Sept pieds de terre après la mort.
In ÉtC 6, 1953/54, (fasc. 1, 1952), pp. 199–200. (= Variétés, [no. 4])
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Vendryes (J.) (rev.): Rev. of Motif-index of early Irish literature. {4431}
In ÉtC 6, 1953/54, pp. 385–9.
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Vendryes (Joseph): Druidisme et christianisme dans l’Irlande du moyen âge.
In CRAI 1946, pp. 310–29.
Republ. in {438} [Choix d’études], pp. 317–32.
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Vries (Jan de): Über keltisch-germanische Beziehungen auf dem Gebiete der Heldensage.
In PBB 75, 1953, pp. 229–47.
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Vries (Jan de): Der irische Königsstein.
In Antaios 1, 1960, pp. 73–80.
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Vries (Jan de): Germanic and Celtic heroic traditions.
In Saga-book 16, 1962/65, (pt. 1), pp. 22–40.
O’Donnell lecture, Oxford, 1962.
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Wagner (Heinrich): Eine irisch-altnordische ιερòs γάμοsEpisode.
In PBB 77, 1955, pp. 348–57.
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Ward (Donald J.): The threefold death: an Indo-European trifunctional sacrifice?
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A portrait of Medb.
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Halle: Niemeyer, 1943. 149 pp. (= Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Keltische Studien, H. 11)
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Weisweiler (Josef): Die Kultur der irischen Heldensage.
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