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Aarne (Antti) & Thompson (Stith): The types of the folktale. A classification and bibliography. ― 2nd revision.
A.A.’s Verzeichnis der Märchentypen (FFC, no. 3), transl. & enl. by St.Th.
Helsinki: Acad. Scient. Fennica, 1961. 588 pp. (= FFC, no. 184)
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Bolelli (Tristano): Preistoria della poesia irlandese.
In 489 [Due studi], pp. 13–42.
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Bromwich (Rachel): The Keen for Art O’Leary, its background and its place in the tradition of Gaelic keening.
In Éigse 5, 1945/47 (1948), (pt. 4), pp. 236–52.
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Bruford (Alan): Gaelic folk-tales and mediaeval romances. A study of the Early Modern Irish ‘Romantic tales’ and their oral derivatives.
In Béaloideas 34, 1966 (1969), vii + 284 pp.
Sep. publ. Dublin: Folklore of Ireland Society, 1969. same pagin.
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Carney (James): Two poems from Acallam na senórach.
In 461 [Celtic studies], pp. 22–32.
Comments on Géisidh cuan and Turas acam Día hAíne, and their prose settings.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Intellectual contacts between Britain and Gaul in the fifth century.
In 493 [SEBH], (no. 8), pp. 189–263.
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Dillon (Myles): The Wooing of Becfhola and the Stories of Cano, son of Gartnán.
In MPh 43, 1945, pp. 11–7.
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Dillon (Myles): Prose and verse in Irish tradition.
In Langue et littérature: actes du VIIIe Congrès de la Féderation Internationale des Langues et Littératures Modernes, Paris 1961. Paris: Belles Lettres, 1961. pp. 309–11.
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Dobbs (Margaret E.): Notes on the lists of Irish historic tales.
In JCS 2, 1958, (no. 1, 1953), pp. 45–58.
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Goetinck (G. W.): Aucassin et Nicolette and Celtic literature.
In ZCP 31, 1970, pp. 224–9.
Also on prose-verse genre (chantefable).
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Greene (David): The religious epic.
In 515 [Early Ir. poetry], pp. 73–84.
Espec. on Féilire Oengusso and Saltair na rann.
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Jackson (Kenneth Hurlstone) (tr.): A Celtic miscellany.
London: Routledge & K. Paul, 1951. 359 pp.
Revised edition
Harmondsworth: Penguin Books, 1971. 343 pp. (Penguin classics)
An anthology of Engl. trs. of traditional literature in Irish, Welsh, Scottish-Gaelic, Manx, Cornish, and Breton.
Sections: Hero-tale and adventure, Nature, Love, Epigram, ‘Celtic magic’, Description, Humour and satire, Bardic poetry, Elegy, Religion.
With a pronouncing dictionary of proper names.
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Knoch (August): Die Gnomik der irischen Frühzeit im Lichte der alten indischen Spruchweisheit.
In ZCP 23, 1943, pp. 314–48.
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Le Roux (Françoise): Questions de terminologie: 1. Tradition et religion; 2. Mythe et épopée.
In Celticum 16, 1967, pp. 239–56. (Notes d’histoire des religions (18), no. 51)
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Mac Airt (Seán): Filidecht and coimgne.
In Ériu 18, 1958, pp. 139–52.
[cf. {5415}]
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Mac Airt (Seán): The development of Early Modern Irish prose.
In 508 [Seven centuries], (no. 8), pp. 121–35.
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Mac Cana (Proinsias): On the use of the term retoiric.
In Celtica 7, 1966, pp. 65–90.
MS symbol .r. (rosc(ad) : retoiric : rann). Poems of prophecy; introductory formula co cloth ().
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Mac Cana (Proinsias): The three languages and the three laws.
In StC 5, 1970, pp. 62–78.
légend, fénechas, filidecht; Cenn Faelad mac Ailella; breth fhuigill.
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Mercier (Vivian): Parody: James Joyce and an Irish tradition.
In Studies 45, 1956, pp. 194–218.
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Murphy (Gerard): The Ossianic lore and Romantic tales of medieval Ireland.
Dublin: (for C.R.C.I.) C. O Lochlainn (Three Candles), 1955 (repr. 1961). 69 pp. (= Irish life and culture, vol. 11)
Reprinted (some revision) Cork: Mercier, 1971.
Add. t.-p.: Fianaíocht agus Rómánsaíocht. Gearóid Ó Murchadha do scríobh. … ― Cf. {4102}. Revision by B. Ó Cuív.
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Murphy (Gerard): Irish storytelling after the coming of the Normans.
In 508 [Seven centuries], (no. 5), pp. 72–86.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): Scél : arramainte : stair.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 1), p. 18.
Comment on their distinction, from MS Rawl. B 512; Engl. transl.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): Literary creation and Irish historical tradition.
In PBA 49, 1963, pp. 233–62. (= Rhŷs lecture, 1963)
Sep. issued London: O.U.P., [n.d.]. [same pagin.]
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Rees (Alwyn) & Rees (Brinley): Celtic heritage. Ancient tradition in Ireland and Wales.
London: Thames & Hudson, 1961. 427 pp.
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Ross (James): A classification of Gaelic folk-song.
In ScSt 1, 1957, pp. 95–151.
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Ross (James): Formulaic composition in Gaelic oral literature.
In MPh 57, 1959, pp. 1–12.
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Wagner (Heinrich): Zur unregelmässigen Wortstellung in der altirischen Alliterationsdichtung.
In 455 [Fs. Pokorny], pp. 289–314.
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Watkins (Calvert): Indo-European metrics and archaic Irish verse.
In Celtica 6, 1963, pp. 194–249.
Incl. discussion of the vocabulary of E.I. poetic activity.
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Weisweiler (Josef): Heimat und Herrschaft. Wirkung und Ursprung eines irischen Mythos.
Halle: Niemeyer, 1943. 149 pp. (= Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Keltische Studien, H. 11)
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