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Gunther (R. T.): Early science in Oxford. Vol. 14: Life and letters of Edward Lhwyd.
Oxford: (pr. for the subscribers by) O.U.P., 1945. xv + 576 pp.
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Quin (E. G.): Edward Lhuyd in Ireland.
In Annual bulletin of the Friends of the Library of Trinity College Dublin, 1951, pp. 7–10.
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Campbell (J. L.): The tour of Edward Lhuyd in Ireland in 1699 and 1700.
In Celtica 5, 1960, pp. 218–28.
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O’Sullivan (Anne) & O’Sullivan (William): Edward Lhuyd’s collection of Irish manuscripts.
In THSC 1962, pp. 57–76.
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Campbell (J. L.) & Thomson (Derick) (eds.): Edward Lhuyd in the Scottish Highlands, 1699–1700.
Oxford: Clarendon, 1963. xxxii + 319 pp. pls.
From MSS in T.C.D.; with notes and indexes.
1. The folklore and Gaelic manuscript survey;
2. The Scottish Gaelic translation of John Ray’s Dictionariolum trilingue;
3. Alphabetical index of all Sc.G. words recorded by Lhuyd; etc.
Incl. (pp. 77–87) Lhuyd’s transcript of the Rev. John Beaton’s pronunciation reading the first two chapters of Genesis from Kirk’s Gaelic Bible.
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Thomson (R. L.): Edward Lhuyd in the Isle of Man?
In 461 [Celtic studies], pp. 170–82.
Manx transl. of John Ray’s Dictionariolum trilingue; some critical remarks on the Sc.G. material.
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Emery (Frank): Edward Lhuyd, f.r.s., 1660–1709.
Caerdydd: G.P.C., 1971. 93 pp. pls. portr.
A dual language publication (Welsh and English).
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Lhuyd (Edward): Archaeologia Britannica. An account of the languages, histories and customs of the original inhabitants of Great Britain. Vol. 1: Glossography.
Introd. by Anne & William O’Sullivan.
Shannon: I.U.P., 1971. xiii pp. + photolitogr. facs. of 1st ed. 1707.
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