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Mooney (Canice): Some medieval writings of the Irish Fanciscans.
In Irish library bulletin 3, 1942, pp. 16–8.
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Mooney (Canice): Irish Franciscan libraries of the past.
In IER 60, 1942, pp. 215–28.
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Mooney (Canice): The golden age of the Irish Franciscans, 1615–50.
In 431 [Measgra Uí Chléirigh], pp. 21–33.
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[Walsh (Paul)]: The Four Masters and their work.
Dublin: Three Candles, 1944. 44 pp.
Arrangement of the previously published material (cf. Best2 2080, 2081, 2144a), chaps. 7–9, and index, by Colm O Lochlainn.
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Mac Aodhagáin (Parthalán): An t-Athair Froinsias Ó Maolmhuaidh, O.F.M.
In FCA 1946/47, pp. 13–7.
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Bieler (Ludwig): John Colgan as editor.
In Franciscan studies 8, 1948, pp. 1–24.
App.: A survey of Colgan’s sources.
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Ó Maonaigh (Cainneach): Scríbhneoirí Gaeilge Oird San Froinsias.
In CS 1, 1951, pp. 54–75.
Franciscan writers in the Irish language.
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Mooney (Canice): Irish Franciscan relations with France, 1224–1850.
Killiney [Co. Dublin]: Four Masters Press, 1951. 100 pp.
10. Literary and cultural links.
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Mooney (Canice): Devotional writings of the Irish Franciscans, 1224–1950.
Killiney: Four Masters’ Press, 1952. 69 pp.
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Mooney (Canice): The friars and friary of Donegal, 1474–1840.
In 439 [Franciscan Donegal], pp. 3–49.
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O Briain (Felim): Three friars of Donegal.
In 439 [Franciscan Donegal], pp. 81–95.
(1) Hugh Ward; (2) Michael O Cleirigh; (3) John Colgan.
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Mooney (Canice): The Irish Franciscans 1650–99, ‘rough and uncultured men’?
In CS 1, 1951, (no. 3, 1953), pp. 378–402.
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Mooney (Canice): Franciscan Library, Killiney. A short guide for the student of Irish church history.
In ArH 18, 1955, pp. 150–6.
Also sep. publ. as
Short guide to the material of interest for the student of Irish church history in the Franciscan Library, Killiney, Co. Dublin.
Killiney: Four Masters Press, 1954. 12 pp.
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Mooney (Canice): The Franciscan First Order friary at Dungannon.
In SAM 1, no. 2, 1955, pp. 72–93.
pp. 78–80: Irish language activities.
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Ó Gallachair (P.): Where was the Donegal friary ‘at Drowes’?
In Donegal annual 3, (no. 2, 1956), pp. 82–92.
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Ó Fiaich (Tomás): From Creggan to Louvain.
In SAM 2, (no. 1, 1956), pp. 90–113.
Ed. of three letters (1627), with extensive commentary.
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Ó Maonaigh (Cainneach): Uaidín Gaelach.
In Feasta 10, uimh. 6, Meán Fómhair 1957, pp. 2–4.
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Mooney (Canice): The Franciscan friary by the Drowes.
In Donegal annual 3, no. 3, 1957, pp. 1–7
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Millett (Benignus): Guide to the material for a biography of Father Luke Wadding.
In 445 [Wadding essays], pp. 229–62.
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Ceyssens (Lucian): Florence Conry. Hugh de Burgo, Luke Wadding, and Jansenism.
In 445 [Wadding essays], pp. 295–404.
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Mooney (Canice): Father John Colgan and the Louvain school.
In Donegal annual 4, (no. 1, 1958), pp. 1–5.
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‘At Drowes’ a symposium.
In Donegal annual 4, (no. 1, 1958), pp. 6–21.
1. (pp. 7–11) Brendan Jennings, The Irish convent of Michael O Cleirigh;
2. (pp. 12–5) Seán Mac Airt, The seventeenth-century Franciscan house ‘at Drowes’;
3. (pp. 15–21) Niall Ó Dónaill, Ros an Bhráthar nó Ros an tSagairt?
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Mooney (Canice): Father John Colgan, O.F.M., his work and times and literary milieu.
In 466 [Colgan essays], pp. 7–40.
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Ó Gallachair (Pádraig): Where Erne and Drowes meet the sea. Fragments from a Patrician parish.
Ballyshannon: (pr. by) Donegal Democrat, 1961. 118 pp.
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Millett (Benignus): The Irish Franciscans 1651–1665.
Roma: Gregorian U.P., 1964. xxxiv + 579 pp. (= Analecta Gregoriana, vol. 129)
pp. 464ff: Literary activities.
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Jennings (Brendan) (ed.): Louvain papers, 1606–1827.
Prep. for publ. and indexed by Cathaldus Giblin.
Dublin: (for I.M.C.) Stationery Office, 1968. x + 682 pp.
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