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[anon.]: Ribeárd Breathnach (1740?-1810).
In 453 [Faiche na bhfilí], pp. 59–62.
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[anon.]: Donncha Ó Floinn (1760–1830)
In 453 [Faiche na bhfilí], pp. 63–8.
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Bieler (Ludwig) & Bischoff (Bernhard): Fragmente zweier frühmittelalterlicher Schulbücher aus Glendalough.
In Celtica 3, 1956, pp. 211–20. pl.
2 leaves (11/12th c.) from MS B.M. Eg. 3323.
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Bischoff (Bernhard): Muridac doctissimus plebis, ein irischer Grammatiker des 9. Jahrhunderts.
In Celtica 5, 1960, pp. 40–4.
Republ. in {454} [M.a. Studien], vol. 2, pp. 51–6.
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Boyle (Alexander): Fearghal Ó Gadhra and the Four Masters.
In IER 100, 1963, pp. 100–14.
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Brady (John) (rev.): Rev. of The schools and scholars of Breiffne. {4244}
In IER 60, 1942, pp. 452–3.
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Breatnach (R. A.): Two eighteenth-century Irish scholars: J. C. Walker and Charlotte Brooke.
In StH 5, 1965, pp. 88–97.
Thomas Davis lecture of the series (1962) Pioneer Irish scholars.
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Breatnach (Deasún): The best of the English. A short account of the life and work of William Bedell, and the Irish version of the Old Testament for which he was responsible.
B.Á.C.: Clódhanna Teo., 1971. iii + 24 pp.
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Carney (James): The Irish bardic poet. A study in the relationship of poet and patron, as exemplified in the persons of the poet, Eochaidh Ó hEoghusa (O’Hussey), and his various patrons, mainly members of the Maguire family of Fermanagh.
Dublin: Dolmen, 1967. 40 pp. (= New Dolmen chapbooks, vol. 4)
Statutory public lecture of D.I.A.S., 20 March 1958.
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Carney (James) (ed.): De scriptoribus Hibernicis.
In Celtica 1, 1950, (no. 1, 1946), pp. 86–110 [cf. p. 404].
By An Dubháltach Mac Fir Bhisigh, from autograph MS Rawl. B 480, wr. 1657.
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Carroll (F.): Captain Charles Linegar, professor of the Irish language.
In IBL 32, 1952/57, (no. 2, 1953), p. 42 [cf. p. 65].
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Cleeve (Brian) (comp.): Dictionary of Irish writers. Vol. 3: Writers in the Irish language.
Cork: Mercier, 1971. 144 pp.
Writers and scholars of Irish and Latin of all periods; some anonymous works.
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Connellan (M. J.): Ballymulconry and the Mulconrys.
In IER 90, 1958, pp. 322–30.
With identification and location of Cluain Bolcáin, Cluain Plocáin.
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Curtis (Edmund) (ed.): The O’Maolconaire family. Unpublished letters from Sir Edward Conry, Bart., to H. F. Hore, Esq., 1864.
In JGAHS 19, 1940/41, pp. 118–46. geneal. tab.(fold.)
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de Bhaldraithe (Tomás) (ed.): Cín lae Amhlaoibh.
B.Á.C.: Clóchomhar, 1970. xlii + 178 pp. (= Leabhair thaighde, iml. 18)
Selection from Ó Súilleabháin’s work. Aguisín [App.]: Lámhscríbhinní A. Uí Sh.
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de Brún (Pádraig): Gearalt Mac Gearailt, scríobhaí.
In Éigse 10, 1961/63, (pt. 4), p. 316. (= Miscellanea, no. 2)
From N. Kerry.
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de Brún (Pádraig): Some Irish MSS with Bréifne associations.
In Breifne 3, (no. 12, 1969), pp. 552–61.
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Derolez (R.): Dubthach’s cryptogram. Some notes in connextion with Brussels MS 9565–9566.
In AntCl 21, 1952, pp. 359–75.
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Dilworth (Mark): Marianus Scotus: scribe and monastic founder.
In SGS 10, 1965, pp. 125–48.
Incl. ed. & tr. of Latin and Irish glosses of 1080 by M.S. (i.e. Muiredach Mac Robartaig) in the autogr. MS at Fort Augustus, Scotland.
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Dobbs (Maighréad Ní C.): Níníne Écess.
In ÉtC 5, 1949/51, (fasc. 1), pp. 148–53.
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Dowling (P. J.): The hedge schools of Ireland. — rev. ed.
Cork: Mercier, 1968. 126 pp.
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Dunlevy (M.): The medical families of mediaeval Ireland.
In 471 [What’s past is prologue], pp. 15–22.
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Egan (Bartholomew) (ed.): Notes on Propaganda Fide printing-press and correspondence concerning Francis Molloy, O.F.M.
In CoH 2, 1959, pp. 115–24.
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Fenton (Seamus) (ed.): Kerry tradition. The peerless poets of the kingdom.
Tralee: The Kerryman, [1950]. 89 pp. illus.
Includes the earlier pamphlet An spéirbhean, Sáirfhilidhe Chiarraighe, Kerry poets honoured, 1941, 42 pp. (cf. JCHAS 48.112).
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Finberg (H. P. R.): St. Patrick at Glastonbury.
In IER 107, 1967, pp. 345–61.
O’Donnell lecture, Oxford, 1966.
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Gannon (P. J.) (rev.): Rev. of The schools and scholars of Breiffne. {4244}
In Studies 31, 1942, pp. 534–6.
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Gleeson (Dermot F.): Peter O’Connell, scholar and scribe, 1755–1826.
In Studies 33, 1944, p. 342–8.
Compiler of Ir.-Engl. dictionary, now MS B.M. Eg. 83.
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Gleeson (Dermot F.): Some learned men of the Killaloe diocese (A.D. 1300–1653).
In Molua 1950, pp. 18–35.
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Green (E. R. R.): Thomas Percy in Ireland.
In UF 15/16, 1970, pp. 224–32.
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Gwynn (Aubrey): Archbishop Ussher and Father Brendan O Conor.
In 445 [Wadding essays], pp. 263–83.
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Gwynn (E. J.) (ed.): An Old-Irish tract on the privileges and responsibilities of poets.
In Ériu 13, 1942, pp. 1–60 [Best2 2282], 220–36.
From MS T.C.D. H 2 15B with notes. Also a glossary with excerpts from this tract (‘A bretha neime deidhinach so’), from MS T.C.D. H 3 18. Also An index to the citations from this tract in ‘O’Davoren’s glossary’, and Index to citations in O’Davoren from Corus bretha neme.
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Hayes (Richard): A forgotten Irish antiquary. Chevalier Thomas O’Gorman, 1732–1809.
In Studies 30, 1941, pp. 587–96.
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Hughes (Kathleen): The distribution of Irish scriptoria and centres of learning from 730 to 1111.
In 505 [SEBC], (chap. 5), pp. 243–72.
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Jones (Frederick M.): The Congregation of Propaganda and the publication of Dr. O’Brien’s Irish dictionary, 1768.
In IER 77, 1952, pp. 29–37.
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Keanay (Marian) (comp.): Westmeath authors. A bibliographical and biographical study.
Mullingar: Longford-Westmeath Joint Library Committee, 1969. xv + 239 pp.
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Kearns (Conleth): Medieval Dominicans and the Irish language.
In IER 94, 1960, pp. 17–38.
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Kennedy (Sheila): Coquebert de Montbret in search of the hidden Ireland.
In JRSAI 82, 1952, pp. 62–7
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Logan (John): Tadhg O Roddy and two surveys of Co. Leitrim.
In Breifne 4, (no. 14, 1971), pp. 318–34.
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Love (Walter D.): Edward Burke, Charles Vallancey and the Sebright manuscripts.
In Hermathena 95, 1961, pp. 21–35.
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Love (Walter D.): The Hibernian Antiquarian Society. A forgotten predecessor to the Royal Irish Academy.
In Studies 51, 1962, pp. 419–31.
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Lyons (J. B.) (ed.): The letters of Sylvester O’Halloran.
In NMAJ 8, 1958/61, (no. 4, 1961), pp. 168–81; 9, 1962/65, pp. 25–50.
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Mac Cana (Proinsias): The three languages and the three laws.
In StC 5, 1970, pp. 62–78.
légend, fénechas, filidecht; Cenn Faelad mac Ailella; breth fhuigill.
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Mac Cnáimhsí (Breandán): Nioclás Ó Cearnaigh.
In JCLAS 16, 1965/68, (no. 4, 1968), pp. 233–8.
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Mac Craith (Cuidbeirt): Oilbhearus Hosé, máistir sgoile an Athar Aodha Mhac an Bhaird, O.F.M.
In 439 [Franciscan Donegal], pp. 109–12.
With extracts from the poem D’Oilbhearus is beatha a bhás.
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Mac Enery (Marcus): Cows and calves, books and copies.
In Éigse 6, 1948/52, (pt. 2, 1950), pp. 135–45.
Co. Roscommon scholarly and scribal connections between Ó Fearghail and Ó hEarchadha families after the latter’s 17th c. migration from Co. Sligo.
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Mac Eóghain (Éamonn) (ed.): Don Tighearna Easboig.
In IMN 1947, pp. 24–7. MS facs.
1818. A uainghil fheartaigh tug fairsinge ’shíol Ádaim, by Mícheál Óg Ó Longáin; from MS Mayn. M 11 (autogr.). Some biogr. details of M. Ó L. (relationship with Seán Ó Murchadha); also illus., of his assistants’ MS hands.
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Mac Giolla Phádraig (Brian): Seanscoileanna leighis in Éirinn anallód.
In CapA 1968, pp. 260–70.
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MacCarthy (B. G.): Thomas Crofton Croker, 1798–1854.
In Studies 32, 1943, pp. 539–56.
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MacCarvill (Eileen): Jonathan Swift, Aodh Buí Mac Cruitín, and contemporary Thomond scholars.
In NMAJ 11, 1968, pp. 36–46.
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McGrath (Cuthbert): Materials for a history of Clann Bhruaideadha.
In Éigse 4, 1943/44 (1945), (pt. 1), pp. 48–66.
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McGrath (Cuthbert): Eoghan Ruadh mac Uilliam Óig Mhic an Bhaird.
In 431 [Measgra Uí Chléirigh], pp. 108–16.
Incl. survey of the poems by Aodh Mac Aingil. Also on the parentage of Hugh Ward.
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McGrath (Cuthbert): ‘Ó Dálaigh Fionn cct.’
In Éigse 5, 1945/47 (1948), (pt. 3, 1946), pp. 185–95.
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McGrath (Cuthbert): Ollamh Cloinne Aodha Buidhe.
In Éigse 7, 1953/55, (pt. 2, 1953), pp. 127–8.
Ó Gnímh (17th c. evidence).
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McGrath (Cuthbert): Í Eódhosa.
In Clogher record 2, (no. 1, 1957), pp. 1–19.
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McNally (Robert E.): Old Ireland, her scribes and scholars.
In 514 [Old Ireland], pp. 120–46.
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Moloney (M.): Beccan’s hermitage in Aherlow: the riddle of the slabs.
In NMAJ 9, 1962/65, (no. 3, 1964), pp. 99–107. illus.
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Mortún (Deirdre): Saol cultúrtha Bhéal Feirste roimh 1850.
In 440 [Fearsaid], pp. 35–42.
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Mulvany (Peter): Some notices of the baronies of Kells.
In RíM 4, no. 5, 1971, pp. 14–27.
v. pp. 20ff.: Literature, language and schools.
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Nicolson (Alexander): The MacBeths — hereditary physicians of the Highlands.
In TGSG 5, 1958, pp. 94–112.
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Ó Buachalla (Breandán): Lámhscríbhinn a d’fhill.
In Feasta 17, uimh. 9, Nollaig 1964, pp. 6–8.
On the MSS collected by Pádraig Feiritéar, now in U.C.D.; espec. on 2 MSS by Peadar Ó Gealacáin [Ferriter 20].
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Ó Buachalla (Breandán): I mBéal Feirste cois cuain.
B.Á.C.: Clóchomhar, 1968. xii + 319 pp. (= Leabhair thaighde, iml. 16)
Aguisín [App.] A: Lámhscríbhinní Í Bhriosáin [Samuel Bryson]; B: Lámhscríbhinní Í Ghealacáin [Peadar Ó G.]; C: Saothar Aodha Mhic Dhomhnaill; D: Lámhscríbhinní Mhic Ádhaimh [Roibeard Mac Á.]; E: Saothar an Bhionaidigh [Art Bennett].
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Ó Buachalla (Liam) & Henchion (Richard): Gravestones of historical interest at Britway, Co. Cork.
In JCHAS 68, 1963, pp. 102–3.
Incl. Liam Ruadh Mac Coitir (†1738), Cornelius O’Brien (†1720), etc.
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Ó Ceallaigh (Séamus): Gleanings from Ulster history. Punann ó Chois Bhanna.
Cork: U.P., 1951. 118 pp. pls. (maps),
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Ó Ceallaigh (Tomás): Dámhscoil Mhúscraí Uí Fhloinn.
In Dóchas 4, 1966, pp. 64–9.
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Ó Cearbhaill (Pádraig): Amhráin agus lucht ceaptha amhrán Chontae Luimnigh.
In Reveille (Mainistir na Féile) 1970, pp. 141–52.
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Ó Cinnéide (Síle Ní Chinnéide) (ed.): Dhá leabhar nótaí le Séarlas Ó Conchubhair.
In Galvia 1, 1954, pp. 32–41 [cf. 2, 1955, p. 66]. pl.
Diary of Charles O’Conor of Belanagare, 1792–48.
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Ó Cinnéide (Síle Ní Chinnéide) (ed.): Dialann Í Chonchúir.
In Galvia 4, 1957, pp. 4–17. pl.
Diary of Charles O’Conor of Belanagare, 1736–41.
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Ó Comhghaill (Annraoi): Na Céilí Dé agus filíocht na Gaeilge.
In IMN 1963, pp. 110–5.
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Ó Conalláin (M.): True location of Tadhg Ó Neachtain’s home in Cartron.
In IBL 31, 1949/51, (no. 5, 1951), pp. 106–7.
An Cartún Fíarach (now Cartron), Co. Rosc., where he lived in 1729.
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Ó Conchubhair (Pádraig): Charles Lynegar, professor of Irish at T.C.D. from 1708.
In Éigse 4, 1943/44 (1945), (pt. 2, 1943), p. 154. (= Ceist, freagra ..., no. 57)
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Ó Conchubhair (Seósamh): An rud a bhí romham.
In Béaloideas 15, 1945 (1946), pp. 102–26.
Irish language, traditions and learning around Killarney, Co. Kerry.
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Ó Cuilleanáin (Cormac): An tEaspag Seán Ó Briain (1701–1769).
In 453 [Faiche na bhfilí], pp. 41–8.
On the poet and scholar Dr. John O’Brien.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): Traidisiún i dtaobh cúirteanna na mbúrdúnach.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 2, 1965), p. 100.
Engl. letter, 1844, by Dáibhí Do Barra, referring to 18th c. custom of ‘courts of poetry’; from MS R.I.A. 23 H 28.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): Seón Mac Solaidh chun Riostaird Tuibear.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 3, 1965/66), pp. 196, 295.
Letter, dated 28 Jan. 1718; from MS R.I.A. 23 M 4.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): Rialacha do chúirt éigse i gContae an Chláir.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 3, 1965/66), pp. 216–8.
Rules for a proposed ‘court of poetry’ in Co. Clare; from MS R.I.A. 23 H 39, wr. c. 1780 by Tomás Ó Míodhcháin.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): A poem by Seaán mac Torna Uí Mhaoil Chonaire.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 4, 1965/66), pp. 288–90. (Miscellanea, no. 2)
The Uí Mhaoil Chonaire, though being primarily senchaide, did compose encomia (vs. S. Mac Airt, in Ériu 18.139 {4191}).
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Ó Fiaich (Tomás): Cérbh é Ninine Éigeas?
In SAM [spec. issue] ‘The Patrician year, 1961–62’, pp. 95–100.
Geneal. tab.: Uí Echdach.
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Ó Foghludha (Risteárd): Some literary worthies of Imokilly.
In JCHAS 50, 1945, pp. 136–44.
Barony in Co. Cork.
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Ó Gallachair (P.): The first Maguire of Tempo.
In ClRec 2, (no. 3, 1959), pp. 469–89.
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Ó Gallchobhair [Ó Gallachair] (P.): Clogherici. A dictionary of the Catholic clergy to the diocese of Clogher (1535–1835).
In Clogher record 1, no. 3, 1955, pp. 66–87; no. 4, 1956, pp. 137–60; 2, 1957/59, pp. 170–91, 272–9, 504–11; 4, (nos. 1/2, 1960/61), pp. 54–94; 6, 1966/68, pp. 126–36, 379–87, 578–96; 7, (no. 1, 1969), pp. 89–104 [to be cont.].
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Ó hAilín (Tomás): The Irish Society and Tadhg Ó Coinnialláin.
In StH 8, 1968, pp. 60–78.
On Thaddaeus Connellan, the London Hibernian Society, and the Irish Society.
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Ó hEarcain (Marius): Seathrún Céitinn.
In IMN 1962, pp. 19–25.
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Ó Liatháin (Pádraig): Scaoil trí urchar. (The Society for the Preservation of the Irish Language)
In Dóchas 1, uimh. 2, 1964, pp. 82–6.
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[O Lochlainn (Colm)]: John O Daly and the Celtic Society.
In IBL 29, 1943/45, pp. 12–4.
Cuttings from The Nation, 1845.
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Ó Maol-Chróin (Caitilín Ní Maol-Chróin) (ed.): Geinealaigh Clainne Aodhagáin. A.D. 1400–1500, ollamhain i bhféineachus is i bhfilidheacht.
In 431 [Measgra Uí Chléirigh], pp. 132–9. geneal. tab.
From MSS (1) R.I.A. 23 Q 10 (2) BUíM.
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Ó Moghráin (Pádraig): Pól Ó hUiginn.
In Béaloideas 15, 1945 (1946), pp. 87–101.
Identification of the ex-priest of tradition with the lecturer in Irish in T.C.D., 1680–82.
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Ó Mórdha (Séamus P.): The Irish manuscripts of Edward O’Reilly.
In Éigse 9, 1958/61, (pt. 2, 1958), p. 132.
cf. the 1825 cat. of his Ir. MSS, autograph MS R.I.A. 23 H 1.
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Ó Mórdha (Séamus P.) (ed.): Arthur Bennett’s correspondence with Robert S. Mac Adam.
In SAM 2, (no. 2, 1957), pp. 360–89; 3, (no. 1, 1958), p. 177 [add. & corrig.].
23 letters (some partially in Irish), 1844–50, by A.B.; from MS N.L. G 702.
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Ó Mórdha (Séamus P.) (ed.): Robert S. Mac Adam’s Louth correspondents (1831–1845).
In SAM 3, (no. 1, 1958), pp. 155–76.
Incl. some items in Irish; from MS N.L. G 702.
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Ó Mórdha (Séamus P.) (ed.): Simon Macken: Fermanagh scribe and schoolmaster.
In ClRec 2, (no. 3, 1959), pp. 432–44.
fl. 1779–c.1828.
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Ó Muireadhaigh (Réamonn) (ed.): Aos dána na Mumhan, 1584.
In IMN 1960, pp. 81–4.
Munster poets, historians, etc., in 1584. From MS Lambeth, Carew 627.
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Ó M[urchú] (T.): An tAth. Conchúr Mac Cairteáin (1658–1737).
In 453 [Faiche na bhfilí], pp. 29–34.
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Ó M[urchú] (T.): Mícheál Ó Longáin (1720?-1770).
In 453 [Faiche na bhfilí], pp. 49–52.
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Ó M[urchú] (T.): Mícheál Óg Ó Longáin (1766–1837).
In 453 [Faiche na bhfilí], pp. 53–8.
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Ó Néill (Séamus): The hidden Ulster. Gaelic pioneers of the North.
In Studies 55, 1966, pp. 60–6.
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Ó Ráighne (Tomás): Ruairí Ó Flaithearta, 1629–1718. (Scoláire agus staraí).
In Dóchas 1, uimh. 2, 1964, pp. 53–7.
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Ó Riain (Pádraig): Séamus Ó Súilleabháin, bíoblóir.
In StH 8, 1968, pp. 96–105.
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Ó Sé (Seán): Pádraig Feiritéar (1856–1924): a shaol agus a shaothar.
In JKAHS 3, 1970, pp. 116–30.
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Ó Seanacháin (Máire Bean Í Sheanacháin): Theophilus Ó Flannagáin.
In Galvia 3, 1956, pp. 19–29.
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Ó Súilleabháin (Pádraig): Muimhneachas i nGaedhilg Thaidhg Neachtain.
In Éigse 5, 1945/47 (1948), (pt. 1), p. 64. (Miscellanea, no. 8)
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Ó Tuathail (Éamonn): Baile Í Ghnímh.
In Éigse 6, 1948/52, (pt. 2, 1950), pp. 157–60. (Varia, no. 3)
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O’Connell (Philip): The schools and scholars of Breiffne.
Dublin: Browne and Nolan, 1942. xl + 669 pp. illus.
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O’Donnell (Terence): A Gaelic grammarian.
In FCA 1952, pp. 159–62, 141.
On Denis Taaffe, the author of An introduction to the Irish language, c. 1805, MS B.M. Eg. 116.
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O’Rahilly (Thomas F.): A Hiberno-Scottish family (Ó Muirgheasáin, Morrison).
In SGS 5, 1942, pp. 101–5.
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O’Sullivan (Donal): Thaddaeus Connellan and his books of Irish poetry.
In Éigse 3, 1941/42 (1943), (pt. 4), pp. 278–304; 4, 1943/44 (1945), (pt. 2, 1943), p. 152.
Life and works. Description of his poem-books (1) Reliquies (1825), (2) An duanaire, fiannaigheacht (1829), (3) An duanaire, fonna seanma (1829); contents, indexes of first lines, etc.
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Pokorny (Julius) (rev.): Rev. of Níníne Écess. {4270}
In ZCP 25, 1956, p. 315.
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Power (Patrick): The Gaelic Union: a nonagenarian retrospect.
In Studies 38, 1949, pp. 413–8.
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Risk (M. H.): Charles Lynegar, Professor of the Irish language 1712.
In Hermathena 102, 1966, pp. 16–25.
Incl. ed. & Engl. transl. of a satire on Ch.L. al. Cathal Ó Luinín, wr. probl. in 1712, by Seán Ó Neachtain (or by Aodh Ó Dálaigh): A uaisle Eirionn, searc mo chuim; based on MS R.I.A. 23 L 32.
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Shaw (Francis): Irish medical men and philosophers.
In 508 [Seven centuries], (no. 6), pp. 87–101.
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Sheehan (Catherine A.): The O’Conor manuscripts in the Stowe Ashburnham collection.
In Studies 41, 1952, pp. 362–9.
Esp. on the role of the Rev. Charles O’Conor.
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Sheehan (Catherine A.): The contribution of Charles O’Conor of Belanagare to Gaelic scholarship in eighteenth-century Ireland.
In JCS 2, 1958, pp. 219–37.
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Thomson (Derick S.): Gaelic learned orders and literati in medieval Scotland.
In ScSt 12, 1968, pp. 57–78.
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Thomson (R. L.): The MacEwens.
In 8159 [Foirm na n-urrn.], (App. 2), pp. 183–6.
al. Mac Éoghain.
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Torna [pseud., Ó Donnchadha (Tadhg)] (ed.): Congantóirí Sheáin Uí Dhálaigh.
In Éigse 1, 1939/(40), pp. 96–102, 173–82, 258–64; 2, 1940, pp. 15–23, 96–106, 213–23, 274–7; 3, 1941/42 (1943), pp. 8–20, 117–9, 193–9, 257–60; 4, 1943/44 (1945), pp. 24–32.
Mainly letters from S. Ó D.’s informants (in the ed.’s possession).
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Ua Brádaigh (Tomás): Peadar Dubh Ó Dálaigh, fear léinn agus scríobhaí.
In RíM 2, no. 2, 1960, pp. 47–53.
(Black) Peter Daly, a.1823–1861.
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Ua Brádaigh (Tomás): Litríocht Gaeilge san Mhí agus i ndeisceart Uladh san 18ú agus 19ú aois.
In RíM 3, (no. 1, 1963), pp. 64–6.
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Ua Brádaigh (Tomás): Na Nuinnsionnaigh, mór-theaghlach Gall-Ghaelach, agus an cultúr Gaelach.
In RíM 3, (no. 3, 1965), pp. 211–21.
On the role of the Nugent family in Irish culture.
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Ua Brádaigh (Tomás): Clann Cobhthaigh.
In RíM 4, no. 1, 1967, pp. 26–32.
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Ua Brádaigh (Tomás): Aodh Mac Domhnaill.
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Wall (Thomas): Archbishop John Carpenter and the Catholic revival, 1770–1786.
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Wall (Thomas): Bards and Bruodins.
In 445 [Wadding essays], pp. 438–62.
The 1669–72 literary controversy of Antony Bruodin (MacBrody) and Thomas Carew.
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Wall (Thomas): Teige Mac Mahon and Peter O’Connell, seanchaí and scholar in Co. Clare.
In Béaloideas 30, 1962 (1964), pp. 89–104.
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[Walsh (Paul)]: The learned family of O Duigenan.
In 432 [Men of learning], (no. 1), pp. 1–12.
A new version of the author’s 1921 paper (v. Best2 2386), completed posthum., with a geneal. tab., by Colm O Lochlainn.
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[Walsh (Paul)]: The books of the O Duigenans.
In 432 [Men of learning], (no. 2), pp. 13–24.
Cf. the author’s The Annals of Loch Cé, in IER 56, 1940 (wr. at the occasion of the I.M.C.’s facs. of Hennessy’s ed., 1939 [1940]).
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[Walsh (Paul)]: The learned family of Ó Cuirnín.
In 432 [Men of learning], (no. 9), pp. 119–32.
Completed by Colm O Lochlainn.
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[Walsh (Paul)]: The learned family of Mac an Bhaird.
In 432 [Men of learning], (no. 11), pp. 151–9.
Completed posthum., with geneal. tab. ‘Some Mac an Bhaird relationships’, by Colm O Lochlainn; incl. chap. on Father Hugh Ward, based on a letter from the author.
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[Walsh (Paul)]: An Irish medical family — Mac an Leagha.
In 432 [Men of learning], (no. 14), pp. 206–18.
cf. An Irish medical family (Best2 2287).
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In StH 11, 1971, pp. 191–3.
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