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Dumézil (Georges): La tradition druidique et l’écriture: le vivant et le mort.
In RHR 122, 1940, pp. 125–33.
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Kennedy (David): Popular education and the Gaelic tradition in north-east Ulster.
In Studies 30, 1941, pp. 273–86.
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Ó Duilearga (Séamus): Irish stories and storytellers. Some reflections and memories.
In Studies 31, 1942, pp. 31–46.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Geilt.
In SGS 5, 1942, pp. 106–53.
History and function of the geilt in Irish (Buile Suibne, Cath Almaine, etc.),Welsh and early Norse literature; also on Aislinge Meic Con Glinne, Mac Dá Cherda (and other scholars of Armagh), and Cennfaelad.
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O Lochlainn (Colm): Poets on the battle of Clontarf.
In Éigse 3, 1941/42 (1943), (pt. 3, 1942), pp. 208–18; 4, 1943/44 (1945), (pt. 1), pp. 33–47.
Mac Coise, Mac Liac, Flann mac Lonáin and his mother Laitheóc, are literary figments.
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Weisweiler (Josef): Heimat und Herrschaft. Wirkung und Ursprung eines irischen Mythos.
Halle: Niemeyer, 1943. 149 pp. (= Schriftenreihe der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Keltische Studien, H. 11).
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Knott (Eleanor): ‘O’Clery’s glossary’ and its forerunners. A note on glossary-making in medieval Ireland.
In 431 [Measgra Uí Chléirigh], pp. 65–9.
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Delargy (J. H.): The Gaelic story-teller. With some notes on Gaelic folk-tales.
In PBA 31, 1945, pp. 177–221. (= Rhŷs lecture, 1945)
Sep. issued London: O.U.P., [n.d.]. 47 pp.
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Lorcin (Aimée): La vie scolaire dans les monastères d’Irlande aux Ve-VIIe siècles.
In RMAL 1, 1945, pp. 221–36.
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[Flower (Robin)]: The Irish tradition.
Ed. by M. Dillon., D. A. Binchy, D. Greene, [etc.].
Oxford: Clarendon, 1947 (repr. 1948). 173 pp.
1. The founding of the tradition; 2. Exiles and hermits; 3. The rise of the bardic order; 4. The bardic heritage; 5. Ireland and medieval Europe [cf. Best2 1696]; 7. The end of the tradition.
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Bromwich (Rachel S.): The continuity of the Gaelic tradition in eighteenth-century Ireland.
In YCS 4, 1947/48, pp. 2–28.
Incl. an Engl. transl. of The Keen for Art O’Leary, based on the edition by Shán Ó Cuív, 1923 (de Hae i 874).
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Murphy (Gerard): Glimpses of Gaelic Ireland. Two lectures.
Dublin: Fallon, 1948. 64 pp.
1. Irish folk-poetry. (Delivered in U.C.D., 1942). 2. Warriors and poets in thirteenth-century Ireland. (U.C.D., 1946).
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Murphy (Gerard): The Gaelic background.
In Daniel O’Connell. Nine centenary essays. Ed. by M. Tierney. Dublin: Browne & Nolan, 1949. pp. 1–24.
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Ryan (John) (rev.): Rev. of Irish learning in the seventh century.
In JRSAI 80, 1950, pp. 164–71.
Being a review of some aspects of F. Masai, Essai sur les origines de la miniature dite irlandaise, 1947 (v. {9144}).
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Bischoff (Bernhard): Das griechische Element in der abendländischen Bildung des Mittelalters.
In Byzantinische Zeitschrift 44, 1951, pp. 27–55.
Republ. in {454} [M.a. Studien], vol. 2, pp. 246–75.
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Murphy (Gerard): Baile Chuind and the date of Cín Dromma Snechta.
In Ériu 16,1952, pp. 145–51. (On the dates of two sources used in Thurneysen’s Heldensage, no. 1)
Incl. ed. of Baile Chuind, based on MS R.I.A. 23 N 10, with Engl. transl.; dated to 7th c. Th.’s orig. dating of CDS to 8th c. vindicated.
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Murphy (Gerard): Was Cináed ua Artacáin (†975) the author of Fíanna bátar i nEmain?
In Ériu 16, 1952, pp. 151–5. (On the dates of two sources used in Thurneysen’s Heldensage, no. 2)
Cináed’s authorship vindicated. Also on oral : written tradition.
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Bieler (L.): The island of scholars.
In RMAL 8, 1952, pp. 213–34.
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Murphy (Gerard): St. Patrick and the civilizing of Ireland.
In IER 79, 1953, p. 194–204.
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Saul (George Brandon): The shadow of the three queens. A handbook introduction to traditonal Irish literature and its backgrounds.
Harrisburg (Penn.): Stackpole, 1953. x + 118 pp.
Cf. {4117}.
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Meroney (Howard): Tréfhocal fócrai.
In JCS 2, 1958, (no. 1, 1953), pp. 59–130. (Studies in early Irish satire, no. 3)
Incl. ed.of A mo Comdhiu néll! Cid do-dhén, ascr. to Fingen mac Flaind (cf. ACL 3.291); based on MS T.C.D. H 3 18, with Engl. transl. and notes.
App.: ed. of a prose text on the trefhocal, from MS H 317, with Engl. transl. and notes.
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Murphy (Gerard): Duanaire Finn. The Book of the lays of Fionn. Part 3.
Dublin: E.C.I., 1953 [spine 1954]. cxxii + 451 pp. (= ITS, vol. 43 [for 1941]
Introduction, notes, appendices, and glossary (cf. Best1 188, Best2 1664).
Add. & corr. in Éigse 8, 1956/1957, pp. 168/71.
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Greene (David): Early Irish literature.
In 494 [Early Ir. soc.], (no. 2), pp. 22–35.
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Carney (James): The impact of Christianity.
In 494 [Early Ir. soc.], (no. 5), pp. 66–78.
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Greene (David): Early Irish society.
In 494 [Early Ir. soc.], (no. 6), pp. 79–92.
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Bromwich (Rachel): The character of early Welsh tradition.
In 493 [SEBH], (no. 5), pp. 83–136.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Intellectual contacts between Britain and Gaul in the fifth century.
In 493 [SEBH], (no. 8), pp. 189–263.
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Corkery (Daniel): The fortunes of the Irish language.
Cork: Mercier, 1954 (repr. 1956). 131 pp. (= Irish life and culture, vol. 9)
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Thomson (Derick S.): The Gaelic oral tradition.
In Proceedings of the Scottish Anthropological and Folklore Society 5, 1954/56, pp. 1–17.
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Ross (James): The sub-literary tradition in Scottish Gaelic song-poetry.
In Éigse 7, 1953/55, (pt. 4), pp. 217–39; 8, 1956/57, (pt. 1, 1955), pp. 1–17.
1. Poetic metres and song metres; 2. Content and composition.
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Arthurs (John B.): The legends of place-names.
In UF [1], 1955, pp. 37–42.
Distinguishes 3 types; Dindshenchas, Acallam na senórach, and oral material.
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Thomson (Derick S.): Scottish Gaelic folk-poetry ante 1650.
In SGS 8, 1958, (pt. 1, 1955), pp. 1–17.
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Gordon (Cosmo A.) (ed.): Letter to John Aubrey from Professor James Garden.
With a note by John Macdonald.
In SGS 8, 1958, (pt. 1, 1955), pp. 18–26.
1692/3, preserved in the library of the Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society. Incl. description of the Highland bardic system in the 17th c.
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Bischoff (Bernhard): Il monachesimo irlandese nei suoi rapporti col continente.
In Settimana 4, 1957, pp. 121–38.
Republ. in {454} [M.a. Studien], Bd. 1, pp. 195–205.
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Szövérffy (Joseph): Volkserzählung und Volksbuch (Drei kleine Beiträge zur Quellenfrage).
In Fabula 1, 1957, pp. 3–18.
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Szövérffy (Joseph): Siaburcharpat Conculainn, the Cadoc-legend, and the Finding of the Táin.
In BBCS 17, 1958, (pt. 2, 1957), pp. 69–77.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Early culture and learning in north Wales.
In 505 [SEBC], (chap. 1), pp. 29–120.
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Williams (J. E. Caerwyn): Traddodiad llenyddol Iwerddon.
Caerdydd: Gwasg Prifysgol Cymru, 1958. 235 pp. pls.
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Szövérffy (Joseph) (ed.): Rí Naomh Seoirse: chapbook and hedge-schools.
In Éigse 9, 1958/61, (pt. 2, 1958), pp. 114–28.
Story, recorded 1937 in Co. Kerry, ultimately derived from Engl. chapbook.
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Mac Airt (Seán): Filidecht and coimgne.
In Ériu 18, 1958, pp. 139–52.
[cf. {4339}]
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Dunleavy (Gareth W.): Colum’s other island. The Irish at Lindisfarne.
Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, 1960. x + 149 pp. illus.
The effect of Irish monastic culture upon Northumbria (learning, manuscripts, crosses, elegy).
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Ó Floinn (Donnchadh): An dá Ghaeltacht.
In IMN 1960, pp. 9–19.
Manuscript tradition of the 18/19th cc. and the Gaeltacht today.
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Ryan (John): The historical background.
In 508 [Seven centuries], (no. 1), pp. 11–26.
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Murphy (Gerard): Irish storytelling after the coming of the Normans.
In 508 [Seven centuries], (no. 5), pp. 72–86.
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Mac Airt (Seán): The development of Early Modern Irish prose.
In 508 [Seven centuries], (no. 8), pp. 121–35.
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Ó Cuív (Brian): An era of upheaval.
In 508 [Seven centuries], (no. 9), pp. 136–51.
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Binchy (D. A.): The background of early Irish literature.
In StH 1, 1961, pp. 7–18.
Lecture at St. Patrick’s Training College, 1959.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): The age of the saints in the early Celtic Church.
London [etc.]: O.U.P., 1961. viii + 166 p. (= University of Durham: Riddell memorial lectures, 32nd series, 1960)
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Jackson (Kenneth Hurlstone): The international popular tale and early Welsh tradition.
Cardiff: U.W.P., 1961. xii + 141 pp. (= Gregynog lectures, 1961)
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Ross (James): Folk song and social environment. A study of the repertoire of Nan MacKinnon of Vatersay.
In ScSt 5, 1961, pp. 18–39.
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Ó Muirí (Réamonn): ‘Slán agaibh, a fhir chumtha.’
In IMN 1961, pp. 65–78.
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Breatnach (R. A.): The end of a tradition: a survey of eighteenth century Gaelic literature.
In StH 1, 1961, pp. 128–50.
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Guyonvarc’h (Christian-J.): A propos de la Velleda de Bructère et du mot irlandais file ‘poète, prophète, voyant’.
In Ogam 13, 1961, pp. 321–5. (Notes d’étymologie et de lexicographie gauloises et celtiques (9), no. 31)
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Joyce (Mannix): Poets of the Maigue.
In CapA 1961, pp. 373–85. map.
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Mac Cana (Proinsias): The influence of the Vikings on Celtic literature.
In 464 [1st ICCS], pp. 78–118.
Incl. discucssion of Irua(i)th and Irua(i)t.
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Gleeson (Dermot F.) & Gwynn (Aubrey): A history of the diocese of Killaloe. — Vol. 1 [on spine].
Dublin: Gill, 1962. xviii + 566 pp. illus.
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Hughes (Kathleen): Irish monks and learning.
In Los monjes y los estudios. IV semana de estudios monásticos, Poblet 1961. Abadía de Poblet, 1963. pp. 61–86.
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Henry (Françoise) & Marsh-Micheli (G. L.): A century of Irish illumination (1070–1170).
In PRIA 62 C, 1961/63, (no. 5, 1962), pp. 101–65. pls.
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Hillgarth (J. N.): Visigothic Spain and early Christian Ireland.
In PRIA 62 C, 1961/63, (no. 6, 1962), pp. 167–94.
Mainly on the transmission of Isidore of Seville.
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Ó Cuív (Brian): Literary creation and Irish historical tradition.
In PBA 49, 1963, pp. 233–62. (= Rhŷs lecture, 1963)
Sep.issued London: O.U.P., [n.d.]. [same pagin.]
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Mac Eoin (Gearóid S.): Focail nach ndeachaigh le gaoth.
In Dóchas 1, uimh. 2, 1964, pp. 25–8.
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Bruford (Alan): Eachtra Chonaill Gulban. An Irish hero-tale in manuscript and oral tradition.
In Béaloideas 31, 1963 (1965), pp. 1–50.
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Doyle (Gerard): County Kilkenny MSS in British Museum.
In OKRev 17, 1965, pp. 70–8.
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Ó Duilearga (S.): Notes on the oral tradition of Thomond.
In JRSAI 95, 1965, pp. 133–47.
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Ó Cuív (Brian) (ed.): Traidisiún i dtaobh cúirteanna na mbúrdúnach.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 2, 1965), p. 100.
Engl. letter, 1844, by Dáibhí do Barra, referring to 18th c. custom of ‘courts of poetry’; from MS R.I.A. 23 H 28.
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Ó Cuív, (Brian) (ed.): Rialacha do chúirt éigse i gContae an Chláir.
In Éigse 11, 1964/66, (pt. 3, 1965/66), pp. 216–8.
Rules for a proposed ‘court of poetry’ in Co. Clare; from MS R.I.A. 23 H 39, wr. c. 1780 by Tomás Ó Míodhcháin.
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Hughes (Kathleen): The Church in early Irish society.
London: Methuen, 1966. xii + 303 pp. pls., map
App.: Engl. transl. of the Liber angeli.
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McGurk (J. J. N.): Learning and society in Ireland before the Norman conquest.
In History today 16, 1966, pp. 85–93.
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Hughes (Kathleen): The golden age of early Christian Ireland (7th and 8th centuries).
In 519 [Course of Ir. hist.], (no. 5), pp. 76–90.
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Ó Buachalla (Breandán): I mBéal Feirste cois cuain.
B.Á.C.: Clóchomhar, 1968. xii + 319 pp. (= Leabhair thaighde, iml. 16)
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MacInnes (John): The oral tradition in Scottish Gaelic poetry.
In ScSt 12, 1968, pp. 29–43. pl.
Plate showing a Highland seanchaidh reciting to the boy king Alexander III, in 1249.
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Bruford (Alan): Gaelic folk-tales and mediaeval romances. A study of the Early Modern Irish ‘Romantic tales’ and their oral derivatives.
In Béaloideas 34, 1966 (1969), vii + 284 pp.
Sep. publ. Dublin: Folklore of Ireland Society, 1969. same pagin.
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Greene (David): Irish as a vernacular before the Norman invasion.
In 522 [View Ir. lg.], (no. 2), pp. 11–21.
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Mac Cana (Proinsias): Irish literary tradition.
In 522 [View Ir. lg.], (no. 4), pp. 35–46.
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Ó Duilearga (Séamus): Once upon a time.
In 463 [Fs. Peate], (chap. 5), pp. 47–58. pls.
The story-teller Seán Ó Conaill (S.W. Kerry).
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Mooney (Canice): The Church in Gaelic Ireland: thirteenth to fifteenth centuries.
Dublin: Gill & Macmillan, 1969. 62 pp. (= A history of Irish catholicism, vol. 2, no. 5)
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Travis (James): Hiberno-Saxon Christianity and the survival of Beowulf.
In Lochlann 4, 1969, pp. 226–34.
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Ó Fiaich (Tomás): The Church of Armagh under lay control.
In SAM 5, (no. 1, 1969), pp. 75–127. geneal.tabs.
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Carney (James): The deeper level of early Irish literature.
In CapA 1969, pp. 160–71.
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Cullen (L. M.): The hidden Ireland: re-assessment of a concept.
In StH 9, 1969, pp. 7–47.
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Saul (George Brandon): Traditional Irish literature and its backgrounds: a brief introduction. A revision of The shadow of the three queens.
Lewisburg: Bucknell U.P., 1970. 115 pp.
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Gaechter (Paul): Die Gedächtniskultur in Irland.
Innsbruck: I.G.P.G., 1970. 73 pp. (= IBS, Bd. 2)
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Stanford (W. B.): Towards a history of classical influences in Ireland.
In PRIA 70 C, 1970, (no. 3), pp. 13–91.
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[Ó Fiaich (T.) (rev.)]: Rev. of Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in Maynooth College Library, fascc. 5, 6. {741}
In SAM 5, (no. 2, 1970), pp. 440–2.
Lists MSS with ‘Ulster’ connection.
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Ó hÁinle (Cathal): An Chléir agus an fhilíocht sa 17ú céad.
In Éire-Ireland 5, 1970, uimh. 2, pp. 4–19.
Priest-poets of the 17th c. With Engl. summary.
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Mac Cana (Proinsias): The three languages and the three laws.
In StC 5, 1970, pp. 62–78.
légend, fénechas, filidecht; Cenn Faelad mac Ailella; breth fhuigill.
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Dowling (P. J.): A history of Irish education. A study in conflicting loyalties.
Cork: Mercier, 1971. 192 pp.
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Meid (Wolfgang): Dichter und Dichtkunst im alten Irland.
Innsbruck: Institut für Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft, 1971. 20 pp. (= IBS, Vorträge, H. 2)
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Hammerstein (Helga): Aspects of the Continental education of Irish students in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
In HSt 8, 1971, pp. 137–53.
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