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Randolph (Mary Claire): Female satirists of ancient Ireland.
In Southern folklore quarterly 6, 1942, pp. 75–87.
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Bauersfeld (Helmut): Streitwagen bei Kelten und Germanen.
Uppsala, Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksells boktr., 1944. 27 pp. (= Veröffentlichungen des Deutschen Wissenschaftlichen Instituts Stockholm, Reihe 1: Geisteswissenschaften und Theologie, Nr. 1)
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Ó Moghráin (Pádraig): More notes on the buaile.
In Béaloideas 14, 1944 (1945), pp. 45–52.
[cf. {8521}]
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Robinson (F. N.): Irish proverbs and Irish national character.
In MPh 43, 1945, pp. 1–10.
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McClintock (H. F.): Cuchullain’s hair.
In JRSAI 78, 1948, pp. 184–5.
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Powell, (T. G. E.): The Celtic settlement in Ireland.
In The early cultures of north-west Europe. (H. M. Chadwick memorial studies). Ed. by C. Fox & B. Dickins. Cambridge: U.P., 1950. pp. 171–95.
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Weisweiler (Josef): Die Kultur der irischen Heldensage.
In Paideuma 4, 1950, pp. 149–70.
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[Shaw (F.)]: [Literary evidence for the early Irish house.]
In Archaeological news letter 4, (no. 5, Jan. 1952), p. 73.
Abstract in Glyn E. Daniel, The Prehistoric Society: a report of the meeting held in Dublin, 1951.
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Graham (Angus): Archaeological gleanings from Dark-age records.
In PSAS 85, 1950/51 (1953), pp. 64–91.
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Murphy (Gerard): St. Patrick and the civilizing of Ireland.
In IER 79, 1953, pp. 194–204.
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Weisweiler (Josef): Vorindogermanische Schichten der irischen Heldensage.
In ZCP 24, 1954, (Hefte 1/2, 3, 1953), pp. 10–55, 165–97.
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Dobbs (M. E.): The silver basin of Étaín.
In ZCP 24, 1954, (H. 3, 1953), pp. 201–3.
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Dobbs (M. E.): The treasures of Crimthand Nia Náir.
In ZCP 24, 1954, pp. 244–7.
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Ramnoux (Clémence): La mort sacrificielle du roi.
In Ogam 6, 1954, pp. 209–18.
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Chadwick (Nora K.): Pictisch and Celtic marriage in early literary tradition.
In SGS 8, 1958, (pt. 1, 1955), pp. 56–115.
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Even (Arzel): Sources médiévales pour l’étude de l’antiquité celtique.
In Ogam 9, 1957, pp. 45–66.
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Le Roux (Françoise): La ‘branche sanglante’ du roi d’Ulster et les ‘têtes coupées’ des Salyens de Provence.
In Ogam 10, 1958, pp. 139–54.
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Ettlinger (Ellen): Les conditions naturelles des légendes celtiques.
In Ogam 12, 1960, pp. 101–12.
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Jackson (Kenneth Hurlstone): The oldest Irish tradition: a window on the Iron Age.
Cambridge: U.P., 1964. 56 pp. (= Rede lecture, 1964)
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D[illon] (J[ohn]) (rev.): Rev. of The oldest Irish tradition {4139}
In Celtica 7, 1966, pp. 258–9.
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Rees (Brinley) (rev.): Rev. of The oldest Irish tradition {4139}
In StC 1, 1966, pp. 165–6.
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Le Roux (Françoise): A-zivout henlennegezh an inizi.
In Ogam 17, 1965, pp. 198, 425–6. (Notennoù a relijionouriezh (2, 3), no. 6)
ad K. Jackson. The oldest Irish tradition, 1964. {4139}
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Le Roux (Françoise): La littérature irlandaise et l’archéologie.
In Ogam 18, 1966, pp. 333–7. (Notes d’histoire des religions (13), no. 39)
ad K. Jackson, The oldest Irish tradition, 1964. {4139}
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Le Roux (Françoise): La maison du roi.
In Ogam 18, 1966, pp. 510–1. (Notes d’histoire des religions (15), no. 43)
as described in TBFr and FB.
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MacQueen (John): Saints’ legends and Celtic life.
In Folk life 5, 1967, pp. 5–18.
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Hamilton (J. R. C.): Iron age forts and epic literature.
In Antiquity 42, 1968, pp. 103–8.
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Harbison (Peter): The chariot of Celtic funerary tradition.
In Marburger Beiträge zur Archäologie der Kelten. Festschrift für Wolfgang Dehn. Hg. v. O.-H. Frey. Bonn: Habelt, 1969. (= Fundberichte aus Hessen, Beiheft 1) pp. 34–58. illus.
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Martin (B. K.): Old Irish literature and European antiquity.
In Aspects of Celtic literature. Sydney: U.P., 1970. (= Australian Academy of the Humanities: monograph, no. 1) pp. 9–24.
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Wagner (Heinrich): Irish fáth, Welsh gward, Old Icelandic óđr ‘poetry’, and the Germanic god Wotan/Óđinn.
In ZCP 31, 1970, pp. 46–57. (Studies in the origins of early Celtic civilization, no. 2)
Paper read at the 3rd I.C.C.S., 1967.
Reprinted in {525}.
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Lucas (A. T.): Contributions to the history of the Irish house: a possible ancestry of the bed-outshot (cúilteach).
In Folk life 8, 1970, pp. 81–98.
With extensive discussion of Ir. terminology (cúil : cuile, etc.).
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Thomas (Charles): The early Christian archaeology of north Britain.
London [etc.]: (for University of Glasgow) O.U.P., 1971. xvi + 253 pp. illus. (= Hunter Marshall lectures, 1968)
Chap. 4: The commemoration of the dead; 7: The relevance of literary sources.
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