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A 3.2, General: Serials: Monograph and Lecture Series

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Todd lecture series
Royal Irish Academy.
Vol. 18– , 1942– . Dublin: R.I.A.
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Irish Texts Society Cumann na Scríbheann nGaedhilge.
Vol. 42–, 1948– .
Dublin: E.C.I.
Vol. 49, 1967, is a D.I.A.S. publication (v. 5054) distributed to members of I.T.S.
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The Sir John Rhŷs Memorial Lectures.
British Academy. (Inaugural lecture read 28 Jan. 1925).
In PBA 11– , 1925– .
Sep. issued London: O.U.P. (1949– pagin. as in PBA).
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Mediaeval and Modern Irish series.
[1948] Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.
Vol. 14– , 1953– (+ reprints).
Dublin: D.I.A.S.
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Leabhair ó láimhsgríbhnibh.
Arna gcur i n-eagar fá stiúradh Ghearóid Í Mhurchadha.
B.Á.C.: Oifig an tSoláthair, 1941–55. 20 voll.
Mod. I. texts. ed. under the direction of Gerard Murphy.
20 voll., numbered 1–19 (no. 16 given twice). Abbr.: LóL
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Shaw (Francis) (rev.): Rev. of Leabhair ó láimhsgríbhnibh. {421}
In Studies 32, 1943, pp. 574–7.
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Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, School of Celtic Studies: Statutory public lectures.
1941/42– . [Some publ., variously].
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Irish life and culture. Saol agus cultúr in Éirinn.
Cultural Relations Committee of Ireland.
Vol. 1– , 1950– . Dublin: C. O Lochlainn (Three Candles).
Vol. 16– , 1969– (+ reprints). Cork: Mercier.
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The Thomas Davis lectures.
Radio Éireann. (Inaugural series boradcast 27 Sept. to 1 Nov. 1953). [Series, and some indiv. lectures, publ. variously] 1954– .
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Martin (F. X.) (comp.): The Thomas Davis lectures, 1953–67.
In IHS 15, 1966/67 (1967), pp. 276–302.
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The O’Donnell lectures.
National University of Ireland. (Inaugural lecture read April 1957).
[Dublin]: N.U.I., [n.d.].
Different in purpose from the O’Donnell lectures established at the Universities of Oxford, Edinburgh and Wales.
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Leabhair thaighde.
Eagarthóir [ed. by]: Seosamh Ó Duibhginn.
B.Á.C.: Clóchomhar. Iml. 1– , 1958– .
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The Osborn Bergin memorial lectures.
University College, Dublin.
(Inaugural lecture read March 1968).
[Publ. variously] 1970– .
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Léachtaí Cholm Cille.
Cuallacht Cholm Cille, Coláiste Phádraig, Má Nuad.
Vol. 1– , 1970– . Ed. by Pádraig Ó Fiannachta. Má Nuad: An Sagart.
Yearly [1970– ] series of six thematically related lectures by various scholars.
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